Baby Food: 6-8 Months

Now that baby is 6 months, you can introduce a few more foods, even though you are still considered to be “Stage One”. These are foods that can sometimes be a little harder for a 4 or 5 month old to digest, and that is why I waited to tell you about them until now.

Also, at this stage you can offer a few really soft finger foods, if you want. Good choices include chunks of avocado or banana. In fact, my little cupcake will ONLY eat banana if she can feed herself, she refuses to eat it pureed. Crazy girl… For this, you definitely want bibs. Maybe even fully sleeved bibs, haha. It is messy beyond belief. Like, crazy banana hair messy. ‘How did a whole chunk of avocado get in the diaper?’ messy. 

Apricot: You can use dried, un-sulphered apricot halves. For every one pound of apricots, use 2 cups of unsweetened pear or apple juice. Plain water is ok, but the puree may be a bit bitter. Bring liquid and fruit to a boil in a saucepan and simmer for 15 minutes. Puree smooth and strain. Apricots will not freeze solid, but be slightly soft.
Mango: Mangos do not need to be cooked. Simply peel, de-seed, and chunk the mangos. Puree smooth and strain.
Papaya: Peel, de-seed and puree. Some babies who have sensitive tummies find that papaya is easier to digest after it has been steamed for 5-10 minutes until soft. This helps to bread down the fibers and sugars for easier digestion.
Prunes: use dried, un-sulphered prunes!!! Soak in warm water until they plump up. You can also steam them. Puree and strain! I found that while these do freeze, they aren’t completely solid. They are kind of gooey still. You can also use plums when in season. Prepare the same way as you would peaches or pears. These do freeze solid. 
Peas: Remove peas from pods (if using fresh). Steam until very tender. Puree and strain! Using a blender might be better than a food processor as pea skins can be difficult to completely puree.
Squash: We did winter squash before, but now its time for summer squash and zucchini! Use the smaller in diameter squash, as they are more tender and contain less seeds. Wash them thoroughly, and remove the skins. Steam until tender, puree, and strain.
Garden Vegetable: Green Beans, Peas, Summer Squash, Carrots
Don’t forget about your grains! Mix apples and barley, peas and rice, pears and oatmeal! The combinations are endless!

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