Baby Food: Finger Foods!

I knew this stage was coming. I just honestly thought that it would come a little bit down the road.

My little cupcake has decided that she is indeed a big girl, and she will feed herself from now on thankyouverymuch. As in, “I will throw a huge fit if you even so much as look like you are about to help me!!!”

Which promptly threw me into a panic because, what am I supposed to do with all these purees currently residing in my freezer? And more important yet, what the heck and I supposed to feed this kid?!

“Is this how you do it?”

Thankfully I had some good friends help talk me off the ledge, and I realized that everything was in fact going to be ok. I have currently implemented several different strategies. And they are all messy. Very, very messy. In fact, we’ve been having a bath almost every single night. And the highchair, well, it will never be the same. The dogs, however, LOVE it, and several times I have turned around to a baby girl giggling her head off, only to find her feeding gooey fistfuls to one dog, being licked clean by another, and the third eating as many crumbs off the floor as he can before I notice that they are all in the kitchen, where they clearly know they are not allowed. Sigh.

The first of these is the food mesh bag, which I talked about before. These are great for putting slices of fruits and veggies in and letting baby gnaw on for a while. But I also found that you can shove a frozen cube of puree in there really easily, and hello instant popsicle! These foster a great deal of independence, but watch it or before you know it will have been flung perfectly into the dog bowl you thought was far enough away, and coated with enough dog food morsels and stray dog hairs that no amount of rinsing will cleanse.

I have also let baby girl be a super duper big girl, and I give her the bowl and the spoon and just go at it. She really likes this way best, and does a pretty good job of it! It is, of course, ridiculously messy. You have to make sure the food is nice and thick so it stays on the spoon well (ie – canteloupe was a bad choice. Roasted cauliflower and carrots was a great choice!). You can thicken thinner purees by adding baby cereal to it, or mashing in some banana, avocado, or sweet potato.

There is rice in her nose people! Rice! IN her NOSE!

I also have started more and more finger foods, which this post is going to focus on.

Ok, so what are good finger food options?

Save that cute outfit – strip that baby down! Sure, you still have a gooey stickey baby, but cleanup is actually a lot easier!

Well, pretty much everything you have been feeding your baby so far. Instead of pureeing it, leave it in little chunks so they can pick it up themselves, or slightly squash it to make it spoon worthy. Yup, that’s it!

Here are some examples of what we have been doing:

  • blueberries, cut into quarters
  • baked sweet potatoes and pears, sprinkled with cinnamon and cubed
  • diced mango and banana
  • peas, carrots, and green beans, diced (sometimes I even grate some colby cheese on top)
  • little pieces of chicken or beef
    • shredded beef, peas, carrots, and cheese are a favorite
    • shredded chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn
  • soft cooked rice – you can also add in pieces of veggies or fruits.
  • fruit salad – whatever fruits you have. I did blueberries, pears, nectarines and banana!
  • soft cooked pasta (small shapes, or cut up) with some grated cheese on top
  • Scrambled egg yolks (again, you can add some cheese)

If you want something a bit different, I suggest you check out www.wholesomebabyfood.com/babyfingerfood.htm She has some recipes for Sweet Potato Fries, Apple Turkey Loaf Sticks, Broccoli and Cheese Nuggets, and a whole bunch more, I just haven’t had time to try them out yet. However, they are totally in my “to-do” list, and if they work well for us I will defintiely post them!

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    Molly Jo
    May 14, 2011 at 7:01 PM

    I love the pics, especially the one with the rice! Can't wait to come visit when you're all settled in W Va. Love to the Baby Girl!

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