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At The Gingered Whisk you will find recipes created to inspired your whole family to become more adventurous in their eating habits.

Here we place the emphasis on flavor and varied diets. We strive to empower parents and children alike to enjoy the amazing abundance and variety of food the world has to offer. 

This is not a kid food blog. There are no elaborately constructed cutesy plates of whimsy here.


What you will find here:

Together we will:

  • Explore cultural recipes and ingredients from around the world.
  • Discover new family favorite weeknight meals that are easy and healthy.
  • Go on Culinary Adventures inspired to create foodies out of your whole family.


The recipes here are designed to work any night of the week – whether you have company over or you are just trying to survive the hours between school and bedtime.

My hope is that through creative and experimental explorations into new foods, ingredients and cultural dishes that your family can learn to enjoy positive food experiences.


Read How to Raise Adventurous Eaters for more information about how you can incorporate these meals into your lives and avoid the picky eater trap.


Some of my Favorite Posts:

Learn how to meal plan

Learn to Meal Plan Like A Boss – Learn how to make meal planning actually work for you! Plus there is a free printable workbook that will help you plan it all out!



Eat Like A Princess Series – Designed to help get your kids interested in trying new food from around the world – recipes inspired by Disney Princesses!


Family Date Night Dinner - Once Upon A Dinner

Once Upon A Dinner Date Series – Designed to get families interested in reading books as a family, and then experiencing the joy of creating a dinner and dessert together


Rainbow Pizza for Kids

Eat The Rainbow Meals – These meals are designed to have a wide variety of colorful toppings and additions to them, allowing individual family members the ability to decide for themselves what they place on their plates (and therefore increasing the chances of actually eating it!)


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You are also going to want to check out my “Around the World in 80 Meals” – its totally a spin off on the book, but instead of traveling in a hot air balloon, we will be exploring different cultural recipes in our own kitchens! The meals are all weeknight and family friendly!


Check out my Resources Page for tips and tricks to make your life easier!


Meal Plans by Week

Seasonal Weekly Meal Plans (as well as meal plans devoted to special holidays and what food is in season each month!)

Interested in learning more about who I really am? Check out my “About Me” Page!