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Are you looking for awesome, family friendly meals that are easy to prepare, healthy, and actually taste great?

Hooray! This is the place to be! I firmly believe that a family meal can be healthy, delicious, AND ready in about 30 minutes. I know – it totally feels unattainable, but I would love to show you how you can EASILY create meals your family will love (and actually eat).

It’s super important to teach kids how amazing and wonderful the world of real food really is, and there is no time like the present to start building a positive relationship with real, healthy food!

Recipes you will find here:

The recipes here are designed to work any night of the week – whether you have company over or you are just trying to survive between school and bedtime. They aren’t overly fussy, and they are generally healthy. I am all about the 30 Minute Meal, Crock Pot Recipes and One Pan Skillet/Sheet Pan Recipes!

Oh yeah, and we have plenty of epic yet fuss free desserts and quick cocktails here, too. Because sometimes you need to stuff your face with something amazing (and if it happens after the kids go to bed, there’s no judgement here). I am also a huge nerd, so I occasionally throw in some fun fiction inspired recipes (think Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, etc themed recipes!).

I strive to create recipes that are good for you, made with real ingredients, that taste amazing and will help you to nourish your families, all without being a ton of work!

Some of my Favorite Posts:

Learn to Meal Plan Like A Boss – Learn how to make meal planning actually work for you! Plus there is a free printable workbook that will help you plan it all out!

Eat Like A Princess Series – Designed to help get your kids interested in trying new food from around the world – recipes inspired by Disney Princesses!

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