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8 ways to make #momlife easier

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As busy moms, we need all the help we can get! Sometimes we tend to take on too many things, and sometimes we think we have to accomplish ALL the things by ourselves. I am definitely against the idea of the “super mom” – you know the one – who does all the activities, keeps her house perfectly clean, works out everyday and has flawless makeup and cute high heels while she does it. But I think attempting to live this kind of mom life leads us to be more frazzled and harried and feel like we aren’t accomplishing anything at all. Instead of trying to take mom life on by the horns and tame it to your desires, learn some easy and simple tricks to help you manage all the things even better!

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Automate #AllTheThings

I mean, really. Of all the times we complain about wanting a damn “easy button”, right? The easiest way to get something off of your plate is to actually get them off your plate. And I don’t mean just don’t do them! I mean automate all the things you can! Hooray for technology, right?! I love these “set it and forget it” ways to get stuff done!

1  Amazon Subscribe and Save – All those things you buy on a regular basis? I’m talking paper towels, diapers, toothbrushes, trash bags, vitamins… The things you can kind of estimate how often you need to buy them? Well, why would you take the time to go to the store and try to remember them (and, if you are anything like me, always forget to buy them anyway and then have to go back to the store). With Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program and Pantry program, you can have all these things and more delivered automatically, and with 10% off and free shipping!

2  Grove Collaborative – I recently discovered this amazing company and I am so in love! They are a subscription company dedicated to the best affordable and effective natural products for your house. I have been working on switching over all of our cleaners to ones that are more eco-friendly and family friendly. I love that you can have all your needs (think toilet cleaner, hand soap, laundry detergent, and even some health and beauty supplies automatically mailed to your house every month. The best part is they send you a text message a few days before they ship so you can double check your order!

3 [easyazon_link identifier=”B0131RG6VK” locale=”US” tag=”theginwhi-20″]Nest[/easyazon_link] – This is an awesome way to automate and simplify the temperature of your house. It learns to automatically control the temperature of your house based on your activities and when you are home. It knows when you aren’t home and automatically turns the temperature down to help you save energy. Plus you can control it via your phone, so if you need to make adjustments you can!

4  [easyazon_link identifier=”B013E9L4ZS” locale=”US” tag=”theginwhi-20″]Roomba[/easyazon_link] – So yeah, its expensive. But holy moly, is it soooo worth it! Vacumming is seriously my least liked chore, ever. I am the world’s worst vacuumer ever. I don’t enjoy it, and I rarely did it. But its kind of a necessary task, especially if you have pets and you shed just as badly as they do. But having a roomba has changed our life – for real. We have ours set to automatically vacuum the house as we go to bed. That means every night before we go upstairs we do a double check to make sure all the toys and things are picked up. Then when we come downstairs in the morning, its to a fully vacuumed house! Hooray! Plus you can also control it from your phone, making it super easy to start the vacuum from the grocery store or the park, or wherever you happen to be when you find out people are coming over. Seriously, guys. Game. Changer.

Declutter Your Life

5  A Good Planner –  I am definitely a planner person – a list maker, a note taker, a writer-down of all the things. And having a good solid planner has seriously helped me in feeling like my day is a little more well managed. And by a good planner, I mean a big one with all the spaces for all the things, not a cheapy tiny one. I write out my to-do lists, my appointments, reminders for the day, meal plan, exercise plans, seriously sometimes even if I need to remember to take a shower. I love the Day Designer, but there are a bajillion amazing choices out there (and if you need some other great referrals, just let me know. I have a stack!)

6  Create White Space – This is the hardest one for me. But its also the most important, because I literally cannot think straight if my house is in a state of crazy town. Are you the same? Dirty dishes, piles of paper, toys everywhere, and then the damn laundry. Its a daily battle, and a never ending war. One thing we are working on is to create more white space by having less things. This way we have less junk to sort through, pretend to organize and constantly fail at putting away. Also making sure that each person is responsible for their own things – this mom refuses to do it all by herself!

7  unroll.me – Clean up your email inbox by unsubscribing from all the unnecessary ones, and easily manage the ones you do want to see. Unroll.Me groups all your emails together, so you can see all the store coupon emails in one spot, your subscription emails in one place, etc. I mean, how often do you really need that 10% off coupon to that store you almost never go to? Just be aware that sometimes emails from blogs (like mine) end up in the spam folder because of this feature, so be careful how you use it! But seriously, unsubscribe from all the emails you no longer need or have time to read.

8  Facebook Unfollow – This is a good one! Are you in a bunch of groups you don’t want to see in your feed all the time? Or do you know that one person that just posts irritating things? Get rid of that stuff! Look, I know you want to seem cool that you have 85,933 friends and you are in 500 awesome groups. But take a look at your feed – are you wasting time scrolling though stuff you could care less about? Are you missing out on important posts from friends and family you actually want to see? Do you really need to be friends with your entire high school class, even if you haven’t spoken to 98% of them since graduation (or even when you were at school?) Seriously, you don’t need that clutter in your life! If you don’t actually want to unfriend or leave these groups, there’s a handy dandy “unfollow” option! All you have to do is hover your mouse over a person or page’s name and then check to see if you are “following” them. If you follow them that means you want them to show up in your Facebook feed. If you unfollow them, they will no longer show up in your feed and you will manually need to go to their page to see what they have been up to, but it will still show up that you are friends. P.S. No one will get a notification if you unfriend or unfollow them. P.P.S Don’t unfollow me!


So tell me – what are some ways you make your life easier! Leave a note below and let’s start a giant list of all the amazing things that we find helpful!


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