Guest Post! Blood Orange Sprintzer

Hello lovely friends!! Moving is almost completed! Well, the moving part is done. A moving truck came yesterday and moved all of our furniture for us (we really didn’t feel like moving a washer a dryer and huge bookshelves up and down all those stairs…) and now all that is left to do is finish unpacking and putting things away. Today is going to be the last guest post for you guys, and I will be back on duty in a few days! If I can figure out where the kitchen is…. Today’s post is brought to you by Laura from A Healthy Jalapeno! I started following Laura’s blog a while ago, and I instantly felt like we needed to be friends. I love how easy going she is, and she loves camping and playing with her puppies as much as I do! Also, random fact, we both like guns! (LOL There, lets see how many comments we get about that one, Laura!) Laura always posts great healthy recipes – everything from dinner to desserts! So, take it away Laura!

Hello beautiful readers of The Gingered Whisk! I am Laura from A Healthy Jalapeño and I am so excited to be here today with Jenni.

I was first hooked on Jenni’s blog simple from her adorable blog title, but then I read that she wears cowboy boots and peals and I just fell in love with her. She also has such fabulous recipes, all family friendly and delicious, so I was so excited when I was invited to guest post for The Gingered Whisk.
I love to cook, so obviously I decided to start my little blog to prove that anyone can cook something delicious while keeping a healthy lifestyle. I am not a true “health nut” per say, but I do like to keep meals light, healthy and nutritious which only benefits a healthier you. I love this recipe because even a health-conscious blogger needs to have her fun too and just because something is delicious, doesn’t mean it’s can’t be good for you.
I am new to learning about blood oranges and how to cook with them but whatever I’ve lacked with past experience I have been making up for pretty quickly over the last couple of months. Blood oranges are somewhat of a winter fruit but they can come out later in the season trickling into spring. I have been cooking a lot with them however when I made this spritzer it’s screamed spring to me because of its bright and vibrant color. Oh, and I had plenty left over for some fabulous evening cocktails. The orange soda will keep in the fridge for future cocktails or even just an afternoon mocktail if you are really craving this delicious fruit.

Here you go.

Fresh Blood Orange Spritzer 
Servings: 1 cocktail


4 oz blood orange sparkling soda
2 oz Sauvignon Blanc (or sparkling white wine)
1/2 oz orange liquor
Blood oranges, sliced for garnish
Combine and stir. 
Garnish with a slice of blood orange.
Recipe and photos by A Healthy Jalapeño 
Thanks so much for having me Jenni to share on your wonderful blog. For more healthy and delicious recipes or just to make a new friend, come stop by my blog and say hi!



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    Ilan @
    May 14, 2012 at 3:03 AM

    The blood oranges look so neat!
    I can never find any in Toronto..

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    Advin Charles
    June 1, 2012 at 10:51 PM

    Orange is very good for health. Orange is very important for fitness and it is provide good energy for body.


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