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Thrive At Five Meal Plan – May Week 4

May Weekly Meal Plan - Seasonal Recipes for Busy Families


Welcome to the Thrive At Five Weekly Meal Plan!

If knowing what to make for your family has utterly stressed you out, then I am here to solve your dinner dilemma! Each week I team up with an awesome group of bloggers who are dedicated to bringing you a healthy-ish, easy, seasonally appropriate meal plan. The Thrive At Five Meal Plan is developed specifically for busy families who want awesome food but are short on time! 

Ahhhh! How is it the last week of May already?! How is it that my children have exactly 5 days of school left?! This month went by just way too fast! The weather here has been nuts – ranging from almost 90 degrees and sunny to rainy, windy, and 50 degrees. It’s always a fun guess to see what kind of clothes we can put on in the morning. And often times we have to switch to something else in the afternoon. Ahhh… spring in the Midwest!

This week there is a lovely collection of easy and tasty meals from all around the world. Flavors are just exploding over here – but still family friendly and easy to make!

How It Works:

  • Every Friday morning a new meal plan will be published with 5 dinners plus 2 extra recipes (like a side, dessert, or special beverage). Come check it out as needed throughout the week or sign up here to have it sent directly to your email inbox!
  • All the meals are perfect for busy families – they focus mostly on seasonal whole food dinners (but occasionally something “unhealthy” sneaks in – we aren’t super sticklers here). And desserts don’t count as healthy, because they just shouldn’t.
  • Because these are seasonal meal plans based on the month of year, I will be numbering them 1,2,3, etc. based on what week of the month it is, so you will always be able to find awesome meals easily. Go HERE to find even more meal plans!

Here is your May Meal Plan for Week 4

Thrive At Five Meal Plan – May Meal Plan Week 4

MONDAY – Crispy Sriracha Cheesy Chicken Bake – These cheesy, crunchy, baked chicken dish is the perfect way to start your week. This kid developed recipe is sure to be a hit with your whole family! Serve with a veggie of your choice.

TUESDAY – Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas – Taco Tuesday has never been easier (or tastier!). These easy sheet pan meal comes together in about 30 minutes (most of it is hands off work!) and is perfectly seasoned! Serve with your favorite taco toppings.

WEDNESDAY – Dukkah Spiced Lamb Koftas – If you have never had a Kofta before, think of it kind of like a big meatball on a stick. They are so delicious! If you don’t have any Dukkah spice mix on hand, you can find it at Trader Joes or speciality spice stores. It is a spice mix of nuts (often hazelnuts), sesame seeds, coriander and cumin. You can also make your own dukkah following this recipe. If your family doesn’t like lamb, you can sub out ground beef or ground turkey. You can also make it 1/2 ground lamb and half ground beef as a slow introduction. These also freeze really well, so make extras for another night! Serve with Couscous.

THURSDAY – Chicken Scalliopine with Sugar Snap Pea, Asparagus, and Lemon Salad – This light and fresh meal is easy to throw together and perfect for a spring evening! Your taste buds will be singing with happiness with all the spring flavors!

FRIDAY – Tabouleh Turkey Burgers with Feta and Harissa – Fire up the grill for these super flavorful and moist burgers that will take you around the world! Serve with a veggie of your choice. And maybe some french fries?

May Weekly Meal Plan Recipes


Pablano Grilled Corn on the Cob – These would be perfect to serve with the Crispy Sriracha Chicken Bake on Monday! If you can’t find any corn on the cobs in your area yet, you can substitute with frozen corn on the cob. You could also substitute with corn kernels and then use a rimmed baking sheet and broil it for a few minutes.

Fried Sweet Plaintain Slices – These make a great side dish for any meal of the day. This simple and easy recipe is a great way to enjoy plantains. This would be great with the Chicken Fajitas on Tuesday night!

Thrive at Five Meal Plan

A Weekly and Seasonal Meal Plan for busy families - May Week 4 - This easy and delicious meal plan is perfect for families who are looking for great meals!

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