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Thrive At Five Meal Plan – April Meal Plan Week 4

Week April Meal Plan

Welcome to the Thrive At Five Weekly Meal Plan!

If knowing what to make for your family has utterly stressed you out, then I am here to solve your dinner dilemma! Each week I team up with an awesome group of bloggers who are dedicated to bringing you a healthy-ish, easy, seasonally appropriate meal plan. The Thrive At Five Meal Plan is developed specifically for busy families who want awesome food but are short on time! 

Aaaaaaand it’s the last week of April! We officially turned on our air conditioner (its been like 80 degrees! WHAT?!) and we have already mowed our lawn. And actually, it needs it again. I am getting our garden ready to plant our veggies and herbs for the year, and we are cleaning up the yard and porch and getting it ready for some serious use. I love this time of year, where you have a mix of slightly cooler and slightly warmer days. Some days you can have soup for dinner and some days you only want a salad. This week there is a great mix of meals for you to choose from – but some of them take a little bit longer to make than the typical 30 minute meals I try to share, so please be aware of that and plan accordingly.

Here is your April Meal Plan for Week 4

How It Works:

  • Every Friday morning a new meal plan will be published with 5 dinners plus 2 extras (like a side, dessert, or special beverage). Come check it out as needed throughout the week or sign up here to have it sent directly to your email inbox!
  • All the meals are perfect for busy families – they focus mostly on seasonal whole food dinners (but occasionally something “unhealthy” sneaks in – we aren’t super sticklers here). And desserts don’t count as healthy, because they just shouldn’t.
  • Because these are seasonal meal plans based on the month of year, I will be numbering them 1,2,3, etc. based on what week of the month it is, so you will always be able to find awesome meals easily. Go HERE to find even more meal plans!


Thrive At Five Meal Plan – April Meal Plan Week 4

MONDAY – Sausage and Kale Puff Pastry Pockets – These easy pockets are a great meal whether you are serving them for lunch or dinner. Serve with a large helping of fresh fruit and a small side salad for a completely perfect meal. Make a double batch of these and freeze some for later! They warm up perfectly in a toaster oven, and are great for transporting for quick meals on the go.

TUESDAY – Mushroom and Zucchini Bolognese with Meatballs – This recipe is a great way to add a few more veggies into your meal, and is an easy and delicious recipe! If your kids are really picky about their veggies, shred the zucchini and dice up the mushrooms really small and cook them for less time. They won’t be any wiser! Psst… I highly encourage you to make your own meatballs here! Follow this recipe for easy baked meatballs that will be done in the same amount of time as your sauce. It is SO worth the little bit of extra work!

WEDNESDAY – BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad – This salad is the perfect dinner salad – filling and full of flavor! It only takes 20 minutes to pull together, but you can make it quicker by using leftover cooked chicken

THURSDAY – Oven Fried Chicken – Fried Chicken is the best, but hardly ever made because – lets face it – they aren’t healthy or easy or quick. This recipe is baked in the oven, yet it still makes perfectly crispy and delicious chicken. Serve with a salad or veggies. Note: This recipe does take about an hour and a half from start to finish, so make sure you plan ahead for this or move it to a night when you have more time.

FRIDAY – Flank Steak Pinwheels – Perfectly fancy for a dinner party, yet easy enough for a weeknight! Seriously, this recipe is not at all hard, with gorgeous and delicious results! Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the weekend! Have your butcher butterfly your flank steak for you. Make this faster by using jarred roasted peppers instead of roasting them yourself (although if you have time I highly recommend doing it yourself!)

Easy April Meal Plan


Rosemary Roasted Potatoes – These easy and delicious roasted potatoes are the perfect side dish to so many meals! I would suggest eating them with the Flank Steak Pinwheels on Friday night!

Double Chocolate Zucchini Muffins – Decadent yet healthy, these muffins can easily double as breakfast or dessert. They are rich and decadent and moist, but are surprisingly sugar free, oil free, and contain zucchini! Seriously – try these!!


This easy meal plan is perfect for any week of April! Busy families will love this ready made meal plan with family friendly meals.

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