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Thrive At Five Meal Plan – July Week 2

July Week 2 Meal Plan

Welcome to the Thrive At Five Weekly Meal Plan!

If knowing what to make for your family has utterly stressed you out, then I am here to solve your dinner dilemma! Each week I team up with an awesome group of bloggers who are dedicated to bringing you a healthy-ish, easy, seasonally appropriate meal plan. The Thrive At Five Meal Plan is developed specifically for busy families who want awesome food but are short on time! 

How It Works:

  • Every Friday morning a new meal plan will be published with 5 dinners plus 3 extra recipes (like a side, dessert, or special beverage). Come check it out as needed throughout the week or sign up here to have it sent directly to your email inbox!
  • All the meals are perfect for busy families – they focus mostly on seasonal whole food dinners (but occasionally something “unhealthy” sneaks in – we aren’t super sticklers here). And desserts don’t count as healthy, because they just shouldn’t.
  • Because these are seasonal meal plans based on the month of year, I will be numbering them 1,2,3, etc. based on what week of the month it is, so you will always be able to find awesome meals easily. Go HERE to find even more meal plans!

Thrive At Five Meal Plan – July Meal Plan – Week 2

MONDAY – Spinach Mushroom Filet Mignon in Creamy White Wine Sauce – This meal might seam utterly fancy and complicated for a regular Monday night, but its actually a 30 minute skillet meal that takes no time (and almost no effort) at all!

TUESDAY –  Rustic Harvest Vegetable Pizza – This skillet pizza recipe is perfect for using those super fresh seasonal veggies you are just starting to pull out of the garden (or farmer’s market!). This pizza has tons of flavor, and is super versatile based on what veggies you have on hand!

WEDNESDAY – Apple Cider Thyme Grilled Chicken – The flavor here, guys, is amazing! Slightly sweet, slightly smoky, slightly floral. You will want to make sure you give the chicken enough marinade time, though (it needs at least 4 hours!) so plan this accordingly – if you need to move it to another day, go ahead!

THURSDAY –  Unbelievable Cheesy Pepperoni Macaroni and Cheese – This meal is one your kiddos will love! Combining super cheesy macaroni and cheese with pepperoni pizza in a 30 minute skillet meal is an amazing idea. Serve with some fresh fruit and a side salad for a balanced meal.

FRIDAY – Sheet Pan Stir Fried Chicken Teriyaki with Pineapple – This easy 30 minute meal packs a ton of flavor and produce into one awesome meal! Make it even faster by preparing the sauce and veggies the night before.

Meal Plan July Week 2

Extras –

Grilled Basil Pesto Veggies – These would be the perfect side dish for the grilled chicken for Wednesday night! This is an easy and delicious way to use up all that squash from your garden!

Oven Roasted Nectarines in Red Wine – These are the perfect make ahead dessert for summer entertaining! An amazing and easy dessert!

Easy Lemon Cakes – These individual lemon cakes are moist and flavorful, and sport a fun candied lemon slice!

Thrive at Five Meal Plan

Enjoy a seasonal, easy, meal plan designed for busy families! Five family friendly dinners plus 3 extra recipes - July Week 2 Meal Plan, Weekly Meal Plan, Healthy Meal Plan, Easy Recipes for dinner

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