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Thrive At Five Meal Plan – June Week 2

June Meal Plan - Weekly Plan for Family

Welcome to the Thrive At Five Weekly Meal Plan!

If knowing what to make for your family has utterly stressed you out, then I am here to solve your dinner dilemma! Each week I team up with an awesome group of bloggers who are dedicated to bringing you a healthy-ish, easy, seasonally appropriate meal plan. The Thrive At Five Meal Plan is developed specifically for busy families who want awesome food but are short on time! 


Hello Summer Vacation! Do you have any fun plans scheduled? We have a few camps, lots of trips to the park and library, and just general hanging out at home scheduled. We have officially been on summer vacation for a week now, and have been enjoying our time together!

How It Works:

  • Every Friday morning a new meal plan will be published with 5 dinners plus 2 extra recipes (like a side, dessert, or special beverage). Come check it out as needed throughout the week or sign up here to have it sent directly to your email inbox!
  • All the meals are perfect for busy families – they focus mostly on seasonal whole food dinners (but occasionally something “unhealthy” sneaks in – we aren’t super sticklers here). And desserts don’t count as healthy, because they just shouldn’t.
  • Because these are seasonal meal plans based on the month of year, I will be numbering them 1,2,3, etc. based on what week of the month it is, so you will always be able to find awesome meals easily. Go HERE to find even more meal plans!

Here is your weekly meal plan for the second week of June (or anytime, really!)

Thrive At Five Meal Plan – June Meal Plan Week 2

MONDAY – Beef Picadillo – This easy and flavorful meal is picky-eater approved and so versatile! Serve this with white rice and black beans. Add some fried plantains  to make it even extra yummy!

TUESDAY – Hawaiian Chicken Sheet Pan Dinner – This quick and easy 30 minute sheet pan meal is filled with fresh ingredients and tropical flavors! The whole family will love it! Serve with rice, cauliflower rice, or with zoodles.

WEDNESDAY – Lentil and Roast Beef Salad – This easy and flavorful salad is the perfect meal to a summer evening! Use canned lentils to make it quicker (or if you don’t feel like soaking dried yourself). You can also use sliced roast beef from the deli.

THURSDAY – Lemon Herb Greek Chicken Salad – This super easy dinner salad is packed with flavor and ready in no time at all!

FRIDAY – Mini Chicken Basil Thin Crust Pizzas – Ditch take out this weekend! These fun personal sized pizzas are a fun and easy way to celebrate the weekend! The dough is super simple to make, and you can use any leftovers you have on hand in your fridge to make these personalized pizzas your whole family will love.

Easy June Weekly Meal Plan


Fruity Yogurt Parfait Popsicles – Summer is officially here! Celebrate with these super easy, healthy,and tasty homemade popsicles! Your kids will love helping make these – and eating them, too!

Ricotta Pancakes with Lemon and Blueberries – These light and fluffy pancakes are low carb and utterly tasty! The perfect summer morning treat!

Thrive at Five Meal Plan

The Thrive At Five Meal Plan is developed specifically for busy families who want awesome food but are short on time!  June Meal Plan, Weekly Meal Plan, Easy Meal Plan,

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