Pesto  Chicken  Grilled Cheese

the gingered whisk

Chicken grilled cheese sandwiches with pesto are a great quick and easy meal that kids and adults alike will love. Crusty sourdough bread is layered with basil pesto, grilled chicken breasts, and plenty of provolone cheese before being toasted and grilled on a skillet!

- The Gingered Whisk

Key Ingredient


– crusty bread like sourdough bread or French bread – Chef’s Craft Chicken Breast Fillets – basil pesto – provolone cheese – spreads butter


1. Heat the chef’s craft chicken breast according to package directions.

Heat the Chicken

2. Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat.

Skillet Time

3. Smear one side of each piece of bread with pesto.


4. Place provolone on top, followed by the chicken breast fillet, followed by more cheese, and then topped with the second slice of bread.

Cheese Time

5. Spread butter on top of the sandwich.


6. Carefully place the sandwich on the hot skillet, turning the sandwich over as you do so that the buttered side is now facing down into the skillet.


7. Butter the top piece of bread.


8. Fry each side of the sandwich until golden and crispy. The center should be hot and the provolone should just begin to melt out the sides.



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