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Life. It can be crazy busy, amazing, full, sometimes chaotic and messy. Sometimes things have to get pushed to the back burner. And often, this includes your weekly meal plans.

I know that you know that sitting down and making a meal plan would be super beneficial to you.

  • You wouldn’t feel so stressed at dinner time if you had a solid plan in place
  • Decrease the number of times you run through the drive-through because you actually have meals prepped and ready
  • Help you feel more prepared and better equipped to feeding your family healthy meals

But finding the time and the energy to create a meal plan every. single. week can be super daunting. 

Don’t worry, though – I am here for you, and I want to help you succeed at providing your families with healthy and tasty meals in an easy and quick way for yourself – so you can actually enjoy spending time with your family in the evening!

Below you will find a master list of meal plans based off of each month of the year. They are family friendly, more or less healthy (I strive to use mostly whole ingredients) and perfect for busy weeknights! Click on each month to find weekly meal plans, and special holiday-themed meal plans as well. So grab a cup of coffee and your planner and get to it!

Weekly Meal Plans 

January Meal Plans 

February Meal Plans

March Meal Plans

April Meal Plans

May Meal Plans

June Meal Plans

July Meal Plans

August Meal Plans

September Meal Plans

October Meal Plans

November Meal Plans

December Meal Plans


And don’t forget to check out the Monthly Produce Guides for even more help picking out awesome family meals!


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