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I love food! I grew up in a family where meals were made a priority. We cooked dinner together every night. I grew up watching my mother bake, my father cook, and both sets of grandparents spending time in the kitchen, and I learned my love of food from them. I have no formal culinary training, just the education that comes from years of watching and being taught by my family. And, of course, lots of messes and lessons learned.


I started this journey back in 2009 while my husband was in med school- I was bored and needed something to do while he studied. I started solely as a way to join a group called The Daring Kitchen (its no longer functioning), but each month people from all around the world joined together to learn how to cook new cuisines, new techniques, and using different ingredients.


I love the relationships that are built by creating, sharing, and enjoying food together. And for me, food is definitely my language of love. There is nothing more important to me than feeding the people I love good food. You will find all kinds of recipes on this site – healthy, clean eating goodness, lovely comforting food, indulgent desserts, and everything in between. I try to keep the majority of my recipes easy and focusing on fresh and simple ingredients, but that’s not to say we don’t occasionally splurge here! Because, lets face it, I would have pancakes for dinner every night if I could!


If I have free time and am not in the kitchen, you can find me curled up somewhere reading a book. It is no secret that I am a huge Bibliophile! I love everything from non-fiction to science fiction.  If you are looking for some great recommendations, check out my Inspiration Page! I also love spending outside exploring nature, and loud, hilarious board games with friends.


We have had the opportunity to live in Kansas City during med school and West Virginia during Residency, but now that we are passed that phase we are excited to finally call Iowa home. We love living in Des Moines and raising our girls here, and feel that we are finally in a place where we belong.


two dogs on a chair


Occasionally you will see photos and hear tales about our furry 4-legged kids. Our puppies were our children before we had children. Peanut is now 10 years old, and hasn’t even begun to show signs of slowing down. And he wants you to know he is not a dog – he is a person, and expects to be treated as such. Scout is our 8 year old stubborn little man. He prefers to do his own thing, bark at everything, and look for food everywhere. He loves having small children in the house, as his waistline can attest. We also now have a fiesty black kitty named Tonks.




I have the lovely opportunity to stay home with our two daughters. Our family goal is to find adventure everyday – whether we are exploring a new park, playing games, making messes together in the kitchen, or snuggled together reading books. Ladybug is now 6, and is bright, inquisitive, and shy. She loves to investigate and explore, to create art, and  anything dinosaur. Munchkin is 3, and a spitfire. She 100% daredevil, and loves to climb everything and test the limits. She never sleeps. Ever.

So this is me. This is the food that we actually eat, in the house that we actually eat it in, and the stories that go along with them. It isn’t fancy, but its mine, and I would love to share it with you!

I’m so glad you stopped by, and please come again! If you are new here, go here to learn more about what kinds of recipes you will find here and what I can do to help you get dinner on the table!


Contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say Hi! I love getting emails and comments from my readers, and would love to connect with you more!


My Recipes have been featured at Boston Magazine, and Delish and I have written posts for What to Expect.com and several posts for Des Moines Mom Blog.

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