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Hi There!

Thank you so much for being interested in working with me!

Why work with me?

The Gingered Whisk is more than just another recipe blog. Its about discovery and joy – being able to enjoy the process of creating amazing meals with ease – not only to nourish our families but also to strengthen our relationships with food and people as you create and enjoy a meal together. Its about finding adventure in the everyday – learning new techniques, exploring new flavors and ingredients, and discovering new favorites, and sharing these with our families.

A collage with apple cinnamon bark, French charcuterie, and skillet beef macaroni and cheese

Who are my readers?

My readers are busy moms who want healthy and amazingly delicious food for their families, but what they need are quick meals they can easily prepare. They are short on time to make dinner – while they juggle hungry children, that trying time between family activities and bedtime, and attempting to create a meal that their family will actually eat. While they want easy and quick meals, they don’t want to sacrifice flavor or nutrition for their families. These women are foodies, they want the best – and they want their families to enjoy meals right along side them! They are looking for generally healthy foods (meaning mostly whole, simple ingredients), exceptional taste, and easy recipes that taste fabulous.

A collage of two different snacks

What can I do for you?

I love sharing quality products and ingredients that I know will be a natural fit with my readers and they will be proud to share with their families.

I specialize in natural light photography with an emphasis on simplistic everyday images with minimal prop usage. I really want the food to be the star of the show, and for my readers to feel like the recipes are something they can easily attain themselves on any night of the week.

I can’t wait to learn more about you and your company, what messaging you would like to get across to readers, and how we can build a relationship together. I want to create customizable content for your brand that will drive my readers to your doorstep!

A collage of sausage sheet pan, summer sangria, and cinnamon roll bake

The Process

I love to start each partnership off with a discovery call either in person, on the phone, or via Zoom. I feel that face to face communication is so important, and really helps us both to communicate effectively and to really understand each other and the scope of how we can best work together. During the discovery call we will discuss the current campaign you are running, what type of post/recipe you would like and what your vision is regarding stories, photography, and social media promotions. We will also further discuss the process of collaborating together and what you can expect.

Opportunities include:

  • Evergreen Product Review Posts
  • Product Photography
  • Recipe Development posts (either evergreen or seasonal)
  • Exclusive Recipes for Email, Facebook or Instagram
  • Instagram Post – Flat Lay or Lifestyle images
  • InstaStories series (3-5 stories)
  • Instagram Takeover
  • Facebook Post
  • Facebook Live
  • Recipe Video
  • Freelance Recipe Photography and/or Recipe Development

Samples of previous work I have done:

 Contact Jenni at [email protected] to schedule a discovery call where we can further discuss your vision, campaign needs and more.