Sourdough Naan

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Sourdough naan is so easy its foolproof! Nothing is better than fresh off the griddle flatbread, and this naan recipe is exactly that! Delicious and flavorful naan is right around the corner with this great recipe! 
sourdough  naan on a wooden cutting board

Flatbreads are super delicious, and great for snacks, appetizers or go with a meal. And except for a little rolling pin action, sourdough naan is also really easy to make!

This sourdough naan recipe is so easy its foolproof! Delicious and flavorful naan is right around the corner with this great recipe! 
stack of sourdough naan

Mix, Roll, and throw on a skillet! 

Sourdough Naan has great flavor with just a hint of sourdough tang. The texture is soft and tender, and perfect for serving with your favorite curry.

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sourdough naan in bowl on wooden cutting board

How to Make Easy Sourdough Naan

Sourdough Naan is  super easy to make (as long as you remember to give yourself enough time to let it rest) and is sooo delicious! In fact, I don’t want to sound ridiculous, but I think this was better than some I’ve had at restaurants! You won’t be able to get enough of it! 
Here is how you make Sourdough Naan:
  1. Mix together the ingredients until you get a shaggy, sticky dough.
  2. Cover with a warm cloth and allow to rest 2-3 hours.
  3. Knead for a few minutes, until its smooth and no longer sticky.
  4. Divide into 8 pieces and roll out into circles that are about 1’4″ thick.
  5. Brush with melted butter and then cook on a hot skillet for 1 minute.
  6. Brush the top with melted butter and then turn over and cook for 1 minute.
  7. Remove and place on a plate with a towel to keep warm. Repeat, repeat, repeat! 
collage showing images of how to make sourdough naan

Sourdough Naan Tips:

  • Don’t let the rolling phase scare you – it doesn’t have to be in a perfect circle, and little rips and tears are ok. Naan is a rustic type bread, and its a forgiving dough. Just go for it!
  • Make sure your skillet is nice and hot before you start! Part of the appeal of sourdough naan is that it has a nice crisp on the outside but is soft and tender inside – you get that from a hot skillet.


stack of sourdough naan in dish on wood board

Naan Bread Flavors:

This sourdough naan recipe is a great recipe as is, but if you feel like being extra fancy and jazzing it up, try these flavors:

  • Garlic Cilantro – Add finely chopped garlic cloves to the melted butter that you brush on before placing on the griddle, then sprinkle with cilantro when you remove them.
  • Roasted Garlic Naan – add chopped roasted garlic to the naan dough.
  • Onion Naan – Add 1/4 cup finely minced onion to the dough and top with chopped chives after cooking.

This naan is also really good with extra butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar!

stack of eight sourdough naan beside glass jar with sourdough starter

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stack of sourdough naan on cutting board

Food tastes better when its shared! If you try this recipe, let me know! Leave a comment and rate below!

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stack of sourdough naan
graphic for sourdough course - reads "new to sourdough? learn the skills to impress your family and friends with your sourdough baking. Click here".
stack of sourdough naan

Sourdough Naan

This sourdough naan recipe is so easy its foolproof! Delicious and flavorful naan is right around the corner with this great recipe! 
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Course: Bread
Cuisine: Indian
Prep Time: 3 hours
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 3 hours 20 minutes
Servings: 8 Pieces
Calories: 232kcal
Author: Jenni


  • 1 cup 100% hydration sourdough starter discard unfed
  • ½ cup warm milk
  • ¼ cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • pinch of kosher salt
  • 5 TBSP melted butter


  • In a large bowl mix together the sourdough starter, milk and yogurt until smooth.
  • Add the flour, baking powder and salt and stir to combine to a shaggy, somewhat tacky dough.
  • Cover with a damp cloth and let the dough rise in a warm place for 2-3 hours. You will know that it is done proofing when you can gently dent the dough with your knuckle and it springs back. If your house is warmer, this could take less time. If your house is colder, it may take more time.
  • Dump out on a lightly floured counter and knead for a minute or two, until smooth. You shouldn’t need to add much extra flour, if any to make it not stick to your hands. It will still be tacky but not overly sticky.
  • Preheat a heavy cast iron skillet over medium-high heat.
  • Divide the dough into 8 pieces and roll each piece into about 1/4″ thickness. Use a small amount of flour on your counter and on your rolling pin to help you roll the dough out. The dough will be tacky to slightly sticky, but you should be able to easily work with it with the additon of a little flour.
  • Brush one side with melted butter and place butter-side down on the skillet.
  • Cook for about a minute, or until the dough starts to bubble and release from the skillet.
  • Brush the other side with melted butter and flip.
  • Cook for an additional minute.
  • Transfer to a plate and cover with a cloth to keep warm.
  • Repeat with remaining pieces of dough and Enjoy!


Store in an air tight container in the fridge for up to 3 days.
Reheat on a hot skillet for a few minutes on each side.
Note about sourdough starter: This recipe uses unfed 100% hydration sourdough starter discard.
Note about yogurt: Make sure that you are using a thick plain greek yogurt – a yogurt with a thin consistency will cause the dough to be too wet. Greek yogurt with more fat content will be better (non-fat doesn’t work as well).


Serving: 1g | Calories: 232kcal | Carbohydrates: 34g | Protein: 7g | Fat: 9g | Saturated Fat: 5g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 3g | Cholesterol: 21mg | Sodium: 147mg | Fiber: 4g
Sourdough Naan flatbread wrapped in red towel
toddler eating sourdough naan and hummus
(Recipe from My Kitchen Addition)




  1. Yum! I love naan (great for pizzas too) and this sounds easy and tasty!

    1. Hi from eastern Iowa! I would love to make this, but don’t have any dairy milk on hand. Would whey or a plant-based milk work as a substitute?

      1. I have not specifically tried non-dairy milk, but it should work just fine! Let me know how it goes!

        1. Lisa Haberstroh says:

          I substituted almond milk and it worked great.

  2. says:

    Whenever I think of naan I remember my grandmother trying it and LOVING it, which is funny if you knew her, she was not very adventurous and generally didn't like anything "exotic".

  3. Hi~ Stopping by to take a peek! I used the same recipe and I was amazed at how easy it is to make flatbread! Looks good:) Lynn H your little helper is a doll:)

  4. I love naan, and this looks like a delicious version. I am definitely going to try these!!

  5. says:

    Mmmm, lovely! You can't go wrong with hummus and naan. I was originally going to try this recipe but then I changed my mind and made injera… but I think this is one I will have to come back to, it looks so good!

  6. I'm glad Ladybug liked it. It is great when kids love what we are making!

  7. I agree that these could rival some restaurants, especially warm from the skillet. Hands down beats the grocery store options!

  8. I have no doubt that this would be better than what you find in restaurants! They look great. And the dark brown "freckles" are perfect!

    1. So so good! On another level. I’ve made it three more times since. Only difference, I use sour cream because it’s what I have on hand but they are easily interchangeable! Awesome!

      1. Using sour cream is a great idea, too! So glad you are enjoying them!

        1. Stephanie says:

          Yum! I need it to be dairy free. Can i sub the Greek yogurt with anything else?

          1. Hi Stephanie! I have not tested this recipe dairy free, but I would suggest swapping out both the milk and the yogurt for coconut milk from the can. Or you could use a vegan unsweetened yogurt, but you will have to reduce the amount of milk because the yogurt is not as thick as the greek yogurt. You might have to play with it and see how much non dairy milk you need use. Let me know how it goes!

          2. What if the starter is fed?

          3. It will work just fine in this recipe, whether your starter has been fed and active or if it is discard!

      2. Glad I read your comment 🙂 I too used sour cream cause it’s all I have…it’s proofing now so reassured that it will taste good!!

      3. Awesome that was my question can you use sour cream as I don’t have Greek yogurt

  9. Hi,
    I wanted to try these, but…what hydration is your starter? There's a lot of difference between a 100% and a 68% starter, and adding to that the flour differs between countried.

    Also, I must say I think it's herecy to use a rolling pin on sourdough products. It squeezes all the delicious bubles out, but each to their own. I know I'm vastly outnumbereb, but please try to strech the naan next time instead of rolling them (find a video on stretching pizza dough).



  10. Bruce Merighi says:

    Nice job. Tastes like the Naan I ate while living in Karachi as a kid. Made it with greek honey yogurt and it worked well. Hard part was finding the correct temperature so I’d get a good ‘bake’ without burning. Bruce M

    1. Lizzie Davison says:

      Just amazing. So so so good. Another amazing thing to make with my sourdough starter! Honestly though eating this was a joy ahaha. Had mine with a poached egg and some Greek yogurt and sprinkled with coriander :3 delicious brunch!

      1. Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Your instructions state to divide the dough into 8 pieces. Your nutrition information says “serves 12”. I am confused as to how much is one serving.

    1. Hi Karen! That must be confusing, sorry! The recipe makes 8 naan. I have updated the nutritional information to reflect that.

  12. It’s amazing! I just randomly found your blog looking for this recipe. Awesome! Good for you!

  13. Jenni, WOW! so simple, yet SO tasty! This is fantastic, yum. Thanks for the recipe.

  14. Jenni, this is really a great recipe. I will make this at the next chance i get.

  15. Hi do you have to feed the starter first or can it be unfed starter?

    1. Hi Paula! This recipe is great because you can use either! The baking powder will help give you any rise that you need, along with a short ferment time. I have tried it with both fed and unfed and had great results with either!

  16. This recipe looks lovely! Is there any way to do it without the yogurt and milk?

    1. You can’t leave them out, they help build the structure and texture of the dough. I have not tried substituting them, but I am guessing you could replace it with an unsweetened milk free alternative – coconut or almond milk would be my first choices! Let me know how it goes!

      1. I Tried with pea milk and oat yogurt and it worked great! Thank you for the recipe

        1. Thanks for sharing! I am so glad you were able to make it fit your needs!

      2. Well leave it to silly ol me, didn’t read instructions only ingredients, added the butter directly to the batter!! This should be interesting.

  17. These came out tasting great and had the wonderful soft, slightly chewy texture I especially love about restaurant naan. But my dough was still a bit sticky after proofing for 3 hours, even after I kneaded it for several minutes, which made rolling out the naan a little tricky. Should I just add flour during kneading until the dough is no longer sticky? Or let it proof for longer? I’m still new to working with sourdough starter, so I appreciate any advice for my next try of these lovely naan. Thanks.

    1. Hey Brandy! I would add a little more flour, but not much! It shouldn’t need much more proofing time. You can use a little flour to roll them out, too!

  18. I tried making these but my dough came out watery. My starter was at 100% hydration which I am thinking what ruined it. It would be helpful to state what hydration your starter was so as some can adjust their recipe. I would like to try making these again.

  19. Tara Benjamin Nicholls says:

    Is there any way to modify to use less butter? Need to be a little more heart healthy.

    1. Hi Tara! You could try using a little coconut oil! I haven’t tried that, but it might work! Let me know how it goes!

      1. Hi. I am excited to make these! Is it possible for the dough to over rest? I don’t have enough time to make after work for them to rest so my plan is to make before work and the dough to rest during the day.

        1. You can mix the dough and then loosely cover it and put in the fridge all day, then just let it warm up to room temp for about 30 minutes before you start to roll them out!

    2. @Tara Benjamin Nicholls,
      I use a dry pan, and they always cook just fine. it’s a seasoned cast iron skillet. I used to use butter, and the smoke alarms would all sound from the smoke! Learned my lesson…

  20. Rose Sanchez says:

    I followed directions to the letter, with only the exception of using coconut milk instead of cows milk. The dough was EXTREMELY wet & sticky, so I am not sure what I did wrong. I tried kneading in the hopes that it would start to come together & not be so sticky (like you do with sourdough bread) but gave up & ended up adding at least another 1/2 – 1 cup four (one spoonful at a time). It was just super sticky wet dough. Finally, somewhat cohesive enough to cook, it was just bleh– I wonder if the difference was using coconut milk instead of cows milk? Hmmm.

    1. Hi Rose! Did you use coconut milk from the carton or the can? Did you still use the greek yogurt? The consistency would be different with a different kind of milk.

  21. Hi. This was my first time making them. They turned out ok. Like others, I used 100% hydration starter and the dough was wet, even though I let it sit for almost 3 hours at room temperature. I added a bit of flour, then more, while kneading… but it just didn’t go away. I was worried about putting in too much flour as then they would be too dry. Any advice?

    1. Hi Nicole! I am sorry these didn’t turn out as expected for you! Would you mind telling me what kind of yogurt you used and what kind of milk?

      1. 2% plain yogurt / 2% milk

  22. * Coming from a person who favours low hydration and cold and long fermentation for a puckery sourdough.

    Did baking powder have an impact on the taste? I would expect the baking soda in the baking powder to neutralize some of the acid.

    1. Hi Linda! It has a medium level of sourdough flavor. It is detectable but not overly sour. If you would like to do a long fermentation in the fridge for more sour flavors, you can. Just make sure that you don’t over do it and create competing flavors that will throw off your curry or whatever you are serving it with.

      1. Not sure what the 5T butter are for…adding into the dough or is this the butter to brush on when cooking?

        1. The melted butter is for brushing onto the rolled out dough right before you place it on the skillet! Make sure you put the dough butter side down.

  23. Same here, the dough was extremely sticky and wet. It would help to mention the hydration of your starter and maybe give the ingredients in grams, because everyone’s cups might be different.
    I hate wasting food, so this was disappointing.

    1. Hi! The starter is 100% hydration, as listed in the recipe card. What kind of milk and yogurt did you use, and what fat percentage were they? I think that is playing a big role in this recipe!

  24. Can i used 50/50 AP and whole wheat PASTRY flour?

    1. Yes, you could use whole wheat pastry flour in this recipe!

  25. Hi Jenni, thank you so much for the recipe! We made some today and they were absolutely delicious.

    However, I let the dough rest for about 3 hours at a warm place, and like many people have commented, my dough was extremely sticky, and it didn’t become less sticky after kneading (we kneaded for more than 5 minutes hoping for it to get less sticky but it didn’t happen).

    I followed the recipe quite rigorously – full fat greek yogurt, normal milk, and the hydration of my starter is actually less than 100%. It’d be very useful to know what I might have done wrong as I’d want to frequently make the naan bread using this recipe without making a mess like today. Thank you so much.

  26. Is it possible to set aside part of the dough in the refrigerator to “bake” on another day? If so, how long do you think it could be refrigerated?

    1. Hi Kathleen! I haven’t tried this myself, but I am guessing that it would work just fine! You can also cook the entire batch and store the extras wrapped in foil. Then you can reheat them on a skillet.

    2. I actually tried this out by accident. Made the dough on Monday, and due to a full few days, just got around to rolling/cooking the naan today. I added just a dash of fresh starter to the dough, divided them into 8 balls, let them rest for a few min before rolling thinly, and then cooked them on a cast iron skillet. They turned out amazing!! Especially with fresh minced garlic as an add-in.

      1. *today = Thurs afternoon. So the dough was refrigerated from Monday night to Thursday afternoon.

  27. I do not have baking powder, is it ok to leave that out? Or do I need to add baking soda or instant yeast?

    1. Hi Chris! You can leave the baking powder out, but I would make sure to allow the dough to have longer proof time, like 4-6 hours instead! Make sure you keep an eye on it and test if it has been proofed enough. It should spring back when lightly poked.

  28. Made these tonight to use my starter discard. Absolutely delicious! Rivals restaurant naan. Thanks for the recipe!

  29. Surprised to see that so many people had their dough come out sticky… mine is extremely dry and crumbly! I think I only needed about 1.25 cups of flour 😅 tried to salvage the dough by adding water… I hope it works!

  30. Stephanie Tollis says:

    Okay I have to thank you for this amazing recipe — I took a bold step despite reviews and substituted vegan ingredients and had INCREDIBLE success! I’m so pleased. I’ll be making this on a regular basis with my sourdough discard. The substitutes I used are as follows:

    Instead of cow milk I used Oatly original in the same ratio.

    Instead of cow’s greek yogurt, I used GT”s Kombucha CocoYo yogurt (plain) in the same ratio. I was worried about the moisture level but just took a risk, and it turned out really well!

    Instead of cow’s butter, I used Miyoko’s brand vegan butter which I find to be the most likened in flavor as well as the healthiest most wholesome ingredients (along with the other vegan substitutes listed above — I really whipped out all my favorites)!

    The one way in which I strayed from instructions is that I let the dough, once formed, sit overnight nearly 12 hours to get that perfect spring-back. After 2-3 hours, I could see we were headed in the right direction, but I gave it more time just in case and I’m so happy I did! This is probably the least confident I started baking, having changed around so many ingredients, and I typically don’t review recipes because of how often I stray from the original (I’m naughty, lol) but I HAD to offer my suggestions with how delicious this turned out. I’ve only been vegan for 2 years so I truly remember what good naan tasted like non-vegan and this is a MATCH!! Thank you so much for your recipe and I hope this is helpful to those who are looking to try this dairy-free!

    1. I am so glad to hear that this worked well for you when changing it to dairy free!!

  31. Fantastic Recipe!!
    A few notes/changes: I measured the ingredients on my scale as follows: Starter (150g), Flour (240g), Salt (1/2 tsp). My Sourdough starter is 85% hydration so I considered adding a bit of extra milk, but I’m glad I didn’t because I think it turned out about right–even just a tad sticky (consistent with the author’s description). I used flour when rolling and it was fine. I was only able to make 7 dough balls and some were on the small size. I used a cast-iron skillet on medium heat and saved the butter for the end after cooking. This was a very good recipe, I will make again

    1. @Brian, a cup of sourdough starter is 227 grams, probably why you didn’t get 8 naan

  32. These turned out great! I enjoyed one with just a sprinkle of salt while my daughters experimented with cinammon and sugar. Yumm!

  33. Shankar Thanushkodi says:

    This worked out very well for me. Excellent specific instructions. I made one change, setup a cast iron pancake girdle in the oven set to 450F and cooked the naan on it while adjusting broil. Some of them got dry but i got a hang of it after a couple. It got very smoky due to the butter so beware if you have sensitive smoke alarms but it worked out very well. The dough bubbled up with the tips beautifully browning and i did not need to flip so the bubbles stayed intact while serving. Wish i could post a picture.

    Thanks for this blog post.

  34. Michelle N Kosovec says:

    Any tips for making it the day/night before?

  35. Waiting that 3 hours 😀 😀

  36. Hi, this is my first time using this recipe. I’ve made Naan bread a few times before and I love that recipe, but I wanted to try this one to use up some sourdough discard. My dough is currently proofing. With the other recipe, I cook the Naan without any oil or butter. Is it necessary with this recipe so it doesn’t stick?

  37. I have this dough rising right now! I’m so excited! I was perturbed that the measurements weights are not included so that we could use a kitchen scale for accuracy. I find that the volume of my starter will vary dramatically depending on how dense or fluffy it is. After some research I saw a post suggest 240 g for a cup of starter so I went with that and added the same amount for 2 cups of flour. Then I added a measured 1/4 cup of whole milk yogurt (not Greek) and only about 1/4 c of milk. It’s not shaggy and rather wet, I really don’t know what texture it should be but I make tortillas often so I guess I’m going with “slightly wetter” than flour tortillas. It would be O great if you could add weights in grams to your recipe!! I’m not a good baker and I’ve only been using a sourdough starter (her name Is Margaret) for 3 months and consider myself a novice when it comes to working with dough. Really hoping these come out ok! I have faith!

    1. Hi Luiza! I hope they turned out for you! I intentionally made this recipe with volumes instead of weights, since it is a discard recipe. I find that a lot of beginner sourdough bakers get very anxious with weights, and by providing volumes I want to make sure that people feel confident making this recipe. I will add some weights to measurements in the future.

    2. Totally agree. The volume of sourdough starter can vary quite a bit! I used the following measurements with success: 85% hydration starter (150g) and Flour (240g).

  38. Hi Jenni, I’ve made this recipe a couple of times and my family always loved it! Soooooooooo easy and delicious! One question though, can you freeze these once you cooked them? I accidentally made a double batch and don’t know what to do with leftovers 😀 Thanks for your help! Love, Judit

    1. Yes, you can freeze them! Freeze them in singe layers, and then you can stack them. You can reheat them in the oven at 400 degrees for about 3-5 minutes.

  39. I am always experimenting with internet recipes and have never left a comment, but somewhere between the 10th and 20th time I did this recipe I thought it was only fair to send you my regards and compliments. Thank you so so much! The recipe is perfect and it is the absolute best way to use my discard (and I have tried quite a few). I have been making it regularly every week when I feed my starter. I also always make a few of them with cheese and its really yummy!
    I am also known for playing with recipes and not following instructions but this I follow religiously. I use sour cream since this is more affordable and better quality where I am. But as you say, I use a thick and fat one.

    1. Luiza, thank you so much for the very kind words! You have made my whole week happier!

  40. Made this really excellent naan recipe as written. Used ghee, not butter. My sourdough is predominantly rye.

  41. Foha Leaning says:

    Hi Jenni,

    I want to try this recipe for my discard but I don’t have a cast iron skillet. Is it possible to bake the bread (if yes what temp and how long) or just use a heavy bottom stainless steel frying pan?

    1. Do you have another kind of skillet? This works best on the stovetop, not in the oven.

  42. Hi Kathleen, I often save the majority of my naan dough to cook later. I leave the dough in balls in a closed tuperware container with parchment paper to keep them from sticking. Then, I pull out the quantity I want and hand stretch right before cooking. I use mine within two days and that’s worked well. The sourdough flavor will get a little stronger but it still hand stretches and cooks up nicely. 🙂

  43. Donna Towle says:

    Can I use my starter straight out of fridge or let it get to room temp before mixing?

    1. Hi Donna! You can use it either way!

  44. Thank you so much for this recipe! It’s an excellent way to use my discard. I didn’t have Greek yogurt, so I subbed for what I had in the fridge, mascarpone 😆 I also ran out of time to cook them yesterday evening, so I let the dough sit in the fridge overnight and made them this afternoon. Worked out great!

  45. I started making this recipe before i realised that I had run out of yogurt so substituted mayonnaise. works a treat.

  46. Cathy H Lester says:

    This recipe was spot on!! I didn’t have the time to wait the 2-3 hours to rise and rest, and it still was delish. I used salted butter to fry them and it gave a nice taste.THANK YOU for this one – it was a hit!

  47. I was wonder if I could ferment this in the fridge overnight or for several days?

  48. Truly excellent recipe that has now become a weekly treat. Fry in properly salty butter for an extra bit of naughtiness. These are amazingly fluffy and disappear immediately in my house. I’ve had shop-bought naan and restraunt naan and never really liked it but this is something beyond. Thanks for sharing.

  49. Kaitlyn Huff says:

    Used sour cream, 50% einkorn, and 50% all purpose and it turned out perfect

  50. Love this recipe, been using it weekly for about 3 months and haven’t been disappointed once.

    It makes a difference which flour is used, I’ve settled on 2/3 all purpose and 1/3 strong white. Sometimes only have natural yoghurt so use a little more yog and a little less milk.

    Try combining with a Peshwari filling recipe for the ultimate naan!

    So worth the (very little) effort – will never settle for shop bought, which are basically nothing like naans should be!!

  51. Interesting…
    3 points tho’:
    1. Method step 4 says circles 1’4″ thick – that’s 16″ – wow. that’s some flatbread
    2. Why add Bicarb? If you have a nice active starter, why not just leaven with that?
    3. Any chance you might list ingredients in grams too. Might give appeal outside the US where we have moved on from the antique imperial measurements. 😉

  52. Tried this to eat with Shakshuka and eggs tonight. My house runs cool so I figured it would be ready to cook right before dinner, but when I checked after 3 hours it was ready to go (warm and humid day). So its ready two hours early, but it tastes great, and I’m sure will reheat wonderfully. My husband thought it would be a great pizza base.

    I will make this again, but I’d like a bit more sour flavor—this is really mild. I think next time I will mix it up and leave it in the fridge for a day to two to let it develop a bit longer.

    Thank you! It’s nice to have an easy recipe for my discard 😀

  53. Has anyone tried cooking these on a grill?

  54. Alyce Quinn says:

    Is a cast iron skillet a requirement? Would another kind of pan work?

    1. You can use another nonstick skillet!

  55. A cup is a lot of discard. Any guidance if I tried to use less than a cup? Like 1/2 – 3/4 cup? Would it fail?

    1. If you want to use less, you can, but you might need to give it a longer rest time. Or just create more discard!

  56. Natalie S says:

    I will concur with the others and say the recipe makes for a dough that is too wet. I used a less than 100% hydration starter that was fairly fresh (even as a discard), and bread flour as that is what I had. The dough was ok to handle for about a minute straight out of the fridge but became a mess almost immediately. Thankfully I’ve got enough experience with dough so I made it work, used a pizza peel to transfer, etc. That being said, I just think it’s too high hydration. Maybe less milk or something? I used greek yogurt and whole milk.

    Also I wanted to ask, is naan supposed to be not salty at all? I used 2-3 pinches of salt, which is more than what the recipe said, and it still ended up fairly bland. I’ve had naan many times and I’ve never had one that was not salty at all. Is there a reason there is so little salt in the dough?

    Thirdly, I will agree with the person, who said to hand stretch the naan rather than roll out. If you’re comfortable doing so, it makes for a more rustic looking bread and more bubbles.

    So just some tweaks needed, otherwise it could be a great recipe. I will try it again sometime with adjustments.

    Thank you!

  57. This is a great recipe. 2 points I would like to make: (1) I couldn’t roll the dough with the rolling pin, it was too sticky, so I used my hands to flatten it. (2) I didn’t use butter, some I sprayed with canola oil and some I brushed with olive oil.

  58. The instructions were so easy and I used exact what recipe is but #1 it did not rise 🙄 and did not feel right (too thick ) .Would really love yo get this right because my husband loves garlic bread and I usually can do a recipe correct .Any suggestions ? Used plain Greek yogurt ..HELP

    1. Hi Jill! I’d love to help troubleshoot! Can you tell me what hydration you keep your starter at? And do you feed by weight or by volume? What is the temperature of your house? Sometimes if a house is really cold it takes a while longer for the dough to rise. And because we are only giving it 2 or 3 hours of rest time, the dough doesn’t really rise that much anyway.

  59. What’s the point of using warm milk when mixing with cold starter + cold yogurt? Or am I supposed to let it come to room temp? I made it and thought the flavor was good. Felt a teeny bit dense/not as fluffy as I wanted so just wondering how I tweak next time. The family all devoured it though.

  60. Renee Gerber says:

    I’ve made this recipe several times! The naan is so good and friends and family have been asking for this when they come visit. I imagine I can freeze them but what would be the best way to reheat them? Thanks.

  61. So good!! This is now my go-to naan recipe and is so much more fluffy and flavoursome than the other vegan naan recipes I’ve tried! Thank you so much🙌

  62. This recipe really is foolproof! I had been discouraged from baking bread for a bit due to a failure (on only my third loaf), but decided to try this on a whim. Flatbread should be easy, right?

    It came out nearly perfectly. My result was a bit chewier than I wanted, but that could be due to the flour I used, or something in my technique. I’m still learning! This recipe is absolutely being added to my rotation whenever I make curry.

  63. Bronwyn Adams says:

    Hi Jenni

    Thanks for sharing what looks like a great recipe. Is there an option to convert to metric measures?

    Thanks very much in advance.

  64. Used fed starter (2 days of reviving from frig) – worked great, but definitely needs more salt in my opinion

  65. Do you have a Sourdough Recipe Book,With your 60 archived recipes, that I can purchase?

    1. Hi Margaret! I don’t..yet! Someday that would be awesome!

  66. Do you sale a Cook Book with all of your SourDough Recipes? Made these for my Daughter an she said it was better than store bought.
    [email protected]

  67. I have made waffles and pancakes with my sourdough castoff, so Naan makes perfect sense. It was pretty easy and I had a basic production line where all 8 were produced fast and neat. They came out quite good and now we will use them to decorate with tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and balsamic vinegar as one of many options for dinner. Instead of having sourdough bread as a side, the naan becomes the centerpiece. I used a 12″ cast iron set to medium-low and cooled each one before slipping them into a gallon ziplock for freezing or refrigerating for a couple of days.

  68. Could you possible add the ingredients weight (on top of the volume measurements you already have?). It makes it so much easier to just add everything into one bowl without a ton of measuring cups. Thank you!

    1. I will keep that in considerations! Although I do tend to keep my discard recipes in cup measurements for beginner sourdough bakers as often times the weights overwhelm new bakers, and my goal is to help make sourdough more accessible to everyone!

  69. Jennifer Baker says:

    I halfed this recipe. I used sour cream instead of yogurt. Made about 7 hand formed naan. Thank you. I will make these again.

  70. Julia Knight says:

    I’ve made these twice now and love the results. I didn’t roll mine the second time, just flattened them by hand and pulled into shape and that worked well. I add some peanut oil into the pan when cooking them. Thanks for a great recipe.

  71. These were fantastic! It’s the first sourdough or naan recipe I tried and I’m not trying another one. The family said it was may be my best sourdough creation yet. I made them the day before up to the small ball stage and then popped them in the fridge. Rolled and fried them the next night. They were pillowy soft! Sooo good.

  72. Wow! Great taste, easy.
    Only thing I will change is making it much thinner. 1/4” thick after rolling out makes it too bread like.

  73. Elizabeth says:

    How much is a cup of sourdough in weight (grams)?
    I’m not in or from the US, and I’m never sure how much a “US cup” is. (Over here a cup is 250ml)
    Thank you!

  74. Wow… sooo good. I added some salt to mine. So freaking good though!!

  75. Made the naan today. Dough was too sticky. Possible causes-
    1. Left in bowl more than 4 hours after mixing.
    2. Did not knead after dumping n to floured counter. Ended up using too much flour.
    3. Dough was very weak and reminded me of “wet” pizza dough. It would stretch when held vertically, as if it had no strength.
    Will try again next week or so-have too many naans right now. Tastes fine, though.
    Just a side note–ALL, I mean ALL, my sourdough bread doughs are very wet and sticky. Have not figured out why. I never had same issues with yeast doughs, though I had stopped making bread at home about 35 years ago and re-started in Feb 2020, inspired by a friend who said I should try making bread using sourdough.

    1. Hmmm, how are you feeding your sourdough starter?

  76. Can these be frozen? If so how long do you think they will last and how best to reheat,

    1. Yes, they freeze great! Freeze them in a single layer first, and then you can place them in a freezer ziptop bag. They should freeze well for up to 6 months. Then you can reheat them in the oven at 350 for just a few minutes – like 3 to 5 minutes, until warmed through.

  77. Wendy Porzio says:

    Rising now. Needed a nice simple recipe to utilize my discard. Doubled it. Plan on freezing them. Thank you.

  78. Hi,
    Because CUP is not the most precise measuring tool, and converting everything into metric system is cumbersome, I suggest you give some basic information. In this case, just mentioning the baker’s percentage is useful. Thank you.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Mojtaba! I agree – measurements are much more precise. However, I tailor my discard recipes for beginner sourdough bakers, and using cups makes them feel much more comfortable and capable of creating the recipe. All my bread recipes are given in ounces or grams.

  79. assuming it won’t work with oat milk and vanilla greek yogurt? lol im desperate

    1. The vanilla yogurt should work, but might give it a hint of different flavor. I have never tried it with oatmilk, but I assume it would work? Let me know how it goes!

  80. Hi Jenni. We made this last night and it was fabulous. Thank you so much for the recipe. I was wondering if you can freeze the dough before you cook it. If so, would you want to freeze it before it proofs? Or would you want to let it sit out for 3-4 hours and then put it in the freezer? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Kelly! I haven’t tried freezing just the dough itself, but the cooked naan freezes beautifully! If you want to freeze the dough, I would suggest freezing it before you proof it, and then let it thaw and proof when you are ready to bake.

  81. New favorite naan recipe!
    I make naan every few months, so it’s not a new venture for me, but adding discard to the mix is. Knew I was making Indian tonight, so I did a quick search for a recipe using discard to make naan. This is the first recipe I found and decided to use and I’m glad I did! It’s even better than my usual standby recipe. Half my discard was from yesterday’s feed (still sitting on my counter covered) and the other half was from my discard jar in the refrigerator. I subbed the Greek yogurt for Mediterranean as that’s what I’ve been making at home recently. I also knew I wouldn’t get a great rise on the countertop between when I started and when I needed it to be done so I set the bowl in my oven with the light on to speed things along. That worked nicely as well. I also cut my dough into smaller pieces as I find them easier to work with. Great recipe and one I’ll keep coming back to. Thank you!

  82. Love this recipe do you have the measurements in grams?

  83. Zahid Ahmed says:

    This sourdough naan recipes Is delicious and creativity, I enjoyed making it so much.

  84. Debbie Hoye says:

    Can you leave the dough in the fridge overnight then roll and cook them the next morning? I love this recipe, so I doubled it this time! Want to make sure we have enough! Thank you!

  85. Made these tonight! First time.

    They were fantastic and as good as the curry was – the naan bread was the highlight! Added some nigella seeds and coriander as toppings…delish!

  86. Does the butter go in the mix for the bread before it rises or is it just used to cook the non-at the end?

    1. You are just using it at the end to brush on while cooking.

  87. Christine says:

    Made the dough yesterday with your exact ingredients but ran out of time so put in fridge overnight. Made it for dinner tonight and added a garlic herb seasoning to the melted butter and wow! Fantastic recipe and my husband said it’s his new favorite SD item (over my breads, waffles and bagels) thank you for this- it’s exactly what I’ve been craving 😋

    1. So glad you and your husband loved them, Christine! Thanks!!

  88. The bread came out beautiful, but sadly lacking any flavor 🙁 I think increasing the salt to more than a pinch (maybe even 1/2 tsp) would greatly improve it!

  89. I made these but mine are very dense not fluffy like you get at the store. What might have went wrong? Or did I have my skillet to hot on the stovetop?

    1. Hi Melissa! It is possible you might have overworked the dough a little, OR the dough needed a bit more time to proof.

  90. Delish and easy to make
    Great way to use discard

  91. Lisa Dulas says:

    Hi Jenni.
    I’m brand new to sourdough in general but want to make your naan recipe as one of my first tries. I’m confused by this statement: “unfed 100% hydration sourdough starter discard.” This is actual starter that has developed, correct? And when you say ‘unfed’ do you mean just use the starter right out of the container and don’t do anything to it before starting the naan recipe? Thanks much!

    1. For this recipe you want to use starter that is straight out of the jar and has not been fed! Discard is the same thing as unfed starter, so it doesn’t really matter which “jar” you pull from here. Hope that helps!

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