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The Foodie Family Passports Kits

Passport Kits

Simple Sourdough Course

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Sourdough Course

Adventures in Meal Planning Book

My Favorite Products

Each of the following products I choose for my own family and we love them! Because I recommend them, I have chosen to be an affiliate for these products.

While these do not cost you more to use, purchases made through these links do provide me with a small commission to support the efforts of The Gingered Whisk. Your support is appreciated!

Bitsy’s Snacks

We love Bitsy’s crackers and cookies so much! Made with veggies and using creative flavors, they are a smart way to snack! Grab the variety bundles for all the flavors!

Spice House

The spices you use is important! You want fresh flavor! These small batch spices and herbs are top quality from around the world! Everything you need to discover a world of flavor in your own kitchen!

Plum Deluxe Tea

We LOVE tea in our house! There is almost always a teapot full, or a mug somewhere. We love Plum Deluxe for their fun and unique flavors with small batch quality. There’s nothing else in our cupboards!

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