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7 Perfect Gifts for Foodies – 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for People who Love Food! These are the top Christmas Gifts fro 2018 and great gifts for people who love to eat and cook food!



2018 gift guide for foodies


Sometimes thinking of good gifts for your loved ones (or yourself) is hard – especially when you are trying hard not to buy more “stuff”. Its even harder to find great quality food gifts that you can be proud to give (or receive – this post can pretty much stand in for my wish list this year, hint hint). These gifts are all the great for people who love to cook, and love to eat!


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icon for number one

global spices starter kit

Raw Spice Bar is is amazing company that makes some really great spices! I love their “Global Spices Starter Kit” that includes 12 high quality, freshly ground spice blends from around the world. (They also have a sweet spice subscription where you receive 3 spices every quarter! Best part? You can choose what you receive, so you can restock some stand-by favorites OR try something new you can’t find other places!).



icon for number two A Silpat Silicone Baking Mat  is the best tool for baking! It helps make cleanup a breeze, but also helps create a perfect non-stick baking surface. Whether you are baking cookies, biscuits, or chicken strips, this baking mat is a necessity! Go ahead and buy two!




icon for number threeVanilla Bean Paste is a MUST for any baker. Its a billion times more flavorful than a bottle of vanilla extract you typically use (ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but seriously, its beyond better). Using Vanilla Beans is an awesome option, but they are expensive and its irritating to scrape the seeds down. This paste is a fantastic option for when you want real vanilla flavor without the hassle. You use it in the same amounts called for of vanilla extract, so this bottle will last a good long while.



Icon for number four
This Miracle Grow AeroGarden would be the perfect gift for the foodie who wants to grow their own ingredients, no matter what time of year or where they live. This space saving hydroponic garden is a great way to always have fresh lettuces and herbs on hand, but you could also grow flowers in it, too!



icon for number five

Nex Fruit Slicer Set is perfect for the foodie mom in your life! This awesome 10-in-1 kit comes with a masher, apple slicer, avocado scoop, citrus cutter, citrus squeezer, five fruit picks, and a cute bowl. It does everything, its easy to use, easy to clean, and it all stores together perfectly.



icon for number six
 This Finishing Salt Collection by Jacobsen Salt Co is the perfect gift for the aspiring chef who loves to experiment and try new things! These six flaked sea salts are hand picked and a great gift for a foodie!




Icon number 7
Maple Cream is a slow churned maple syrup so that it is spreadable and completely amazing. Great smeared on just about anything, or straight off the spoon!




There you have it! Seven amazing, affordable gifts that any food lover will enjoy! What would you pick to be on your wish list?

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