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Gift Guide for the Nerdy Foodie

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Gifts for a nerdy kitchen



Buying gifts is my love language. I seriously enjoy the process of finding that PERFECT gift (errr…. gifts… sometimes I can’t control myself) for someone – something that really speaks to who they are, that they will cherish and love forever and ever. Especially if its something utterly geeky and nerdy and totally different than random things you can find at any regular department store.

When it comes to that special someone in your life who is a huge nerd, in every fandom you know, totally walks on the geek side of life, AND loves spending time in the kitchen, then finding the perfect gift just got so easy!

I’ve rounded up all the best cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and coffee mugs I can find from all around the internet, for every fandom I could find and placed them into one awesome spot for you! Check it out, and share it around! Who knows, maybe you will get something you love this year!

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Fandom Cookbooks

Cookbooks for Fandom Foodies Gifts
  • The Geeky Chef Cookbook features so many awesome recipes from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who and more. Its got all the things, in one place! (AND The Geeky Chef Strikes Back was just released!)
  • Dining with the Doctor features over 120+ recipes inspired by the 8th-12th Doctors!
  • The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook is the best place to start when staring your geeky cookbook collection – its well rounded with lots of fun recipes and easy to follow steps.
  • An Unexpected Cookbook: The Unofficial Book of Hobbit Cookery is a super well researched book – includes recipes for Second Breakfasts, Elevenses, Afternoon Tea and BOTH Supper and Dinner. There are even paleo, gluten free, and vegan recipes in here.
  • A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook will let you know exactly what it feels like to banquet at Winterfell and more! Recipes for each region of Westeros, taken straight out of the book, and with gorgeous photos. This cookbook is a must for any GOT Foodie!
  • The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes is a brilliant cookbook for any lover of Star Wars – the pictures are fantastically clever, the recipes are easy enough for any age, and its just plain fun.
  • The Bobs Burger’s Cookbook is the perfect book for Bob’s Burgers fans! Anyone who enjoys this show and also happens to love to eat food will be guaranteed to love all the awesome recipes here. Because one of the best parts of the show is the Burger of the Day – and now you can make them at home!
  • Outlander Kitchen: The Official Outlander Companion Cookbook features more than 100 recipes that will take you through Claire and Jamie’s adventures through the Scottish Highlands, French Revolution and beyond. These recipes are thoroughly researched, highly creative and focus on local ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, but are totally doable for today’s modern cook.
  • The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbookwill be loved by magicians and muggles alike – with over 150 easy to make recipes that are drawn straight from the books!

Geeky Glassware

Geeky Glassware - Gits for Geeks
  • Star Trek 4 piece 16oz Glasses feature vintage Star Trek designs  that are perfect for any Trekkie
  • These hand thrown stoneware mugs are perfect for any Hogwarts Student – whatever house you are in, there is one for you – the SlytherinRavenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor are hand carved into the mug.
  • Star Wars “I like My Coffee on the Dark Side” Coffee mug is perfect for any coffee lover!
  • This flask for Polyjuice Potion is the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. The attention to detail is perfect, and its totally what any wizard needs to keep hip-side!
  • Whats better than a geeky sweater? A mug with geeky sweater print Doctor Who on it!
  • These Star Trek 8oz glass etched glasses feature the USS Enterprise insignia – classically beautiful!
  • This Hogwarts Coffee Tumbler is perfect for iced coffee, tea, water, or whatever liquid you want to put in there!
  • United Federation of Planets Star Trek Coffee Mug – Perfect for any Star Trek fan, yet subtle enough to not scream TREKKIE! This 15 oz mug is a gorgeous buy!
  • Take your coffee to go with this adorable Espresso Patronum travel mug. Because we all know coffee would make an awesome patronus.

Gadgets and Utensils

Kitchen Gadget Gifts for Geeks
  • These Star Wars Light Saber Popsicle Makers are seriously the only way popsicles should ever be eaten.
  • All other wooden spoons will look plain after seeing this “My Patronus is a Cupcake” hand carved wooden spoon.
  • Does your KitchenAid Mixer look a little dull? Dress it up with an awesome set of Mischief Managed decals!
  • What better place to hide your cookies than inside a Game of Thrones Dragon Egg!
  • Doctor Who Fans need all the sonic utensils – including silverware, pizza cutter, vegetable peeler, bbq tongs,  and bottle opener.
  • Yes, you do need a dragon shaped bundt pan.
  • Marvel Civil War cutting board – Choose your side! Captain America’s shield on one side and Iron Man on the other! Which will you choose?
  • Forget the timer on your phone, you need a kitchen timer shaped like the Death Star.
  • These silicone house seals from Westeros are fantastic ways to keep water (or wine) stains off of your feasting table.
  • Waffles shall henceforth always be made in a Death Star Waffle Maker.
  • These Silicone Death Star Ice Molds are the perfect way to dress up any cold beverage!

Kitchen Wear & Decor

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