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With fantastic flavors and familiar ingredients incredible Latin American food can be made in your own home.  You can make easy weeknight food that the whole family will love, including kids, with these easy tips!


In the United States, the most commonly associated food with Latin America is Mexican food.  Although many of the countries share similar ingredients and flavors, there is a whole world of flavor beyond tortillas, tacos, and burritos!

Tips to Make Latin American Food Kid Friendly:

  • Tone down the heat!– Although chile peppers feature predominantly in most Central and South American food, most children would not be accustomed to the heat found in many dishes.  Start small and remember to scrape the seeds and membranes from fresh peppers. This is where much of the heat resides.
  • Remember the sides!  Rice, beans, and plantains can be prepared in ways to give kids other choices.
  • Sauces! Serve salsa, sour cream and guacamole on the size to give your family options for dipping!


Other Resource You Might Need:


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Kid Friendly Latin American Food Recipes:

Try these easy weeknight recipes to explore Latin American flavors at home!


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