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A Kids Guide to Latin American Food

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There are so many amazing foods in our world! This guide to kid friendly Latin American food is here to help you introduce new foods and flavors to your family.

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Why should kids eat Latin American food?

Helping kids explore the amazing variety of flavors the world has to offer and helping them be comfortable with eating more than just chicken nuggets is my passion.

Latin American food is diverse, vibrant, and so delicious. It is packed with great colors, textures, and flavors – and your kids should get to experience it beyond tacos! And more than just expanding their palates, learning another culture’s culinary traditions helps offer a window into other people’s lives and helps give them an appreciation for our global culinary heritage.

Latin American consists of South America, Mexico, Central America and the caribbean islands that speak a romance language. These areas have the shared experience of colonization by the Spanish and Portuguese from the 15th-early 19th centuries.

If your kids are new to learning about the world of food, I suggest checking out my guides on raising adventurous eatershelping kids try new foods, and tips to help kids love international foods.

Tips to make Latin American food kid friendly

  • Tone down the heat!– Although chile peppers feature predominantly in most Central and South American food, most children would not be accustomed to the heat found in many dishes.  Start small and remember to scrape the seeds and membranes from fresh peppers. This is where much of the heat resides.
  • Remember the sides!  Rice, beans, and plantains can be prepared in ways to give kids other choices.
  • Sauces! Serve salsa, sour cream and guacamole on the size to give your family options for dipping!

I always love including non-food experiences whenever I can, too. These are easy and low-stress ways to add curiosity and interest to new foods that doesn’t happen at the dining table.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to add in books, tv shows and movies that showcase food. Check out my favorite kids picture books about Latin American food and head to your local library for some great stories that will help your family curb picky eating.

For younger kids, check out our dramatic play restaurants!

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Recipes to try:

Try these easy recipes at home! These easy, weeknight friendly recipes are some of the most popular reader favorites here! Make sure to check out my entire collection of kid friendly Latin American recipes, too!

Mexican Recipes

Central American Recipes

Latino Caribbean

South American Recipes

Note: Still working on adding recipes from all regions! Check back!

Have something you want to see? email me at [email protected] and I will work on adding it!

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