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Kids Books about Latin American Food

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Check out these gorgeous kids picture books about Latin American food to help your family be more exposed to and interested in trying new foods.

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One of my absolute favorite ways to help kids be more comfortable with trying new foods from around the world is to expose them in non-edible ways. I’m talking books, here. Reading books that have new food front and center is a great low-pressure way to expose kids to new foods and helps combat picky eating.

When they are more interested and curious about new foods, they are more likely to try them with an open mind. And when they have an open mind they are more likely to actually enjoy it.

Here are my family’s favorite books that feature food from South and Central America. Curl up with a good book and then head into the kitchen to try your hand at making some great kid friendly Latin American food like chicken mole, arepas con queso, empanadas, and more!

How to help your kids try new foods

Want to avoid picky eating in your house? Its all about exposure and curiosity! The more fun and interesting you can make new food seem, the more likely kids will be interested in trying it. Don’t make it a power struggle, make it a fun exploration!

Getting your kids involved in the kitchen is important, but helping your kids be curious about what they are trying outside the kitchen is so important, too! 

Food related activities like restaurant dramatic play, tv shows, and books are also so helpful in helping your kids be curious about food when not at the table. And when they are curious about something, they are more likely to try it – and enjoy it!

Make sure you also read my guide on how to teach kids to love international food for great tips on adding new cuisines to your family’s meal plan.

Try these other great guides for helping to combat picky eating in your house:

Kids books about Latin American food

Head to your local library or bookstore to find these awesome foodie books and start exploring today!

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Picture books about Latin American cuisine

Platanos Go with Everything by Lissette Norman is a great story with beautiful illustrations about a little girl who’s favorite food is plantain! Find out all the different ways you can enjoy them in this beautifully written story about family and culture (and food!).

Paletero Man by Lucky Diaz is the vibrant story about a boy who is looking for the man who sells paletas (special popsicles).

A Song of Frutas by Margarita Engle is a lyrical and rhythmic story about a little girl visiting her grandfather who sells fruit as a singing street vender in Cuba.

Green is Chile Pepper by Roseanne Greenfield Thong is a gorgeous book for younger kids. It shows colors through the lens of latino food. Playful pictures and rhyming text make this book so fun! Also check out the companion book “Round is a Tortilla” which has a similar concept but with shapes.

Vamos! Lets Go Eat by Raul the Third is a fantastic bilingual picture book that tours food trucks, fun text, and great illustrations!

What Can You Do With A Paleta by Carmen Tafolla is another great story about the famous Mexican ice pops!

Too Many Tamales by Gary Soto is the story of a family getting ready for Christmas when some mischief happens and suddenly a group of cousins try to eat their way out of trouble.

The ABC’s of Mexican Cuisine by Zai Teyebaly is a colorful alphabet book that explores the rich culinary traditions of Mexico.

Platanos are Love by Alyssa Reynoso-Morris is another beautiful book about how important plantains are to Latinx culture, community, and family.

Tamalitos: A Cooking Poem by Jorge Argueta is a fun poem that encourages creativity in the kitchen while also explaining some history and significance of food. There are five books in this series, so also check out the books about guacamole, bean soup, arroz con leche, and salsa in this series!

Ready to start enjoying more Latin American recipes with your family? Make sure to read A Kids Guide to Latin American Food, then head over to my recipe index to find tons of kid friendly Latin American recipes for your next meal plan!

Did you enjoy any of these books? Did I miss your favorite? Leave a comment below, I love hearing from you!

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