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Sourdough Cookie Recipes

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Sourdough cookies are a great way to use leftover sourdough starter. These discard recipes are easy and delicious! Your sourdough starter can make way more than just bread!

Sourdough starter is a great addition to cookies! It helps makes cookies ultra soft and cake like, and it also helps to bring extra depth to the flavors.

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What will these cookies taste like?

The sourness level of these recipes will depend on your starter and how long it has been since you fed it last. 

  • Starters that have been recently fed will have a milder sourdough flavor.
  • Starters that have not been fed for a while and have been sitting in the fridge in an inactive state for a week or so will have a more pronounced sourdough tang.

The activity level of your sourdough starter also impacts how the texture of the cookie recipesMore recently fed starter will bring out a more subtle sourdough tang and

What kind of sourdough starter do I need for these recipes?

These recipes all use 100% hydration sourdough starter discard, or a starter that is fed equal amounts of flour and water by weight.

Read up on feeding your sourdough starter the easy way, and then get baking!

My sourdough starter is new – can I still make these?

Yes! These are great recipes to use when you are just building a sourdough starter. Do make sure your starter is older than a week old before you start to use the discard in recipes. I go into more details about why in my post on how to make a sourdough starter, but essentially in that first week you are still building the good yeasts and working on getting rid of any bad bacteria that might be present.

Each of these recipes uses unfed sourdough discard. Because these recipes don’t have fermentation time, they still rely on either baking soda or baking powder (or both!) to get their rising power. These recipes are just a fun way to not waste your sourdough starter, and to add some great sourdough flavor to more baked goods.

These recipes are also a fun way to use a starter that goes beyond a loaf of bread!

New to sourdough? Read my Ultimate Guide to Sourdough for Beginners to answer all the questions you have!

Love using your sourdough starter for more than bread? Make sure you also check out my collection of sourdough discard recipes, and my collection of sourdough dessert recipes.

Sourdough Cookie Recipes

Don't toss that discard! These sourdough discard cookie recipes are easy, and a perfectly delicious way to use your leftover sourdough starter.

Food tastes better when its shared! If you try this recipe, let me know! Leave a comment and rate below! Love and links are always appreciated! If you’d like to share this post, please link to this post directly for the recipe, please do not copy and paste or screenshot. Thanks so much for supporting me! xoxo

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