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What to Serve at Your Hogwarts Dinner Feast

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September First means the return to Hogwarts for Harry Potter fans! Celebrate another year of your favorite school of Witchcraft and Wizardry with a Hogwarts Dinner Feast! Harry Potter recipes are fun for the whole family! This Harry Potter Menu Plan will satisfy your Hagrid-sized appetite and your sweet tooth!

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What do you Serve at a Hogwarts Dinner?

Having a good feast with plenty of food inspired by the books is key to throwing a great Harry Potter party!

Within the pages of the books, and the scenes of the movies, there are plenty of amazing and delicious food the characters enjoyed, and you can make them all at home!

No matter if you are celebrating Harry Potter’s Birthday, the Return to Hogwarts School, or just having a fun party, here are some ideas of what you can serve at your Harry Potter inspired party!

Main Meals

These Harry Potter inspired recipes are perfect food to serve at any feast!

white baking dish with shepherd's pie, some potatoes beside the dish
Shepherd’s Pie | Harry Potter
A comforting meal that would have originally been made to use up ingredients, the shepherd’s pie is an easy dish to whip up mid-week or as a dish for a Harry Potter party.
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broomsticks made of cheese sticks that have been cut into strips and pretzel sticks
Cheese and Pretzel Broomsticks
These are so easy, and they are so freaking cute to serve at tyour Harry Potter party!
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Weasleys’ Dragon Roasted Nuts | Harry Potter
If a miniature dragon in a wizarding vending machine was to roast nuts and pop them out to you, this is what the nuts would taste like.
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metal tray with cornish pasty, one of which is broken in half to show fillings
Harry Potter: Cornish Pasty – Feast of Starlight
These are fantastic during anytime of the year especially during a Harry Potter viewing party. It’s so easy to make a day ahead and it evens tastes better the following day. You can really add whatever leftover meat and vegetables to a cornish pasty but this recipe resembles the classic.
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Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cheese Ball
This quick and fun Sorting Hat Cheese Ball is perfect for Halloween or a Harry Potter party!
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Drink up! These potions and brews are pefect to share with friends at your Harry Potter Party!

Polyjuice Potion
A fun adult twist on the Harry Potter Polyjuice potion recipe!
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glass of harry potter pumpkin juice with pitcher and wand
Harry Potter Pumpkin Juice
Pumpkin juice is a tall glass of fall flavors! Smooth pumpkin, apple cider, and spices combine to create a refreshing and flavorful drink. Its no wonder that Harry Potter and the Wizarding World loves this drink so much!
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Harry Potter’s Hot Butter Beer
Rich and creamy, this hot butter beer will take you straight to Hogwarts!
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two mugs of butterbeer in front of stack of books
Harry Potter Butterbeer
Rather have a cold butterbeer? This is the recipe you need! So easy to make, and so delicious!
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Get your sweet tooth ready! These Harry Potter desserts are perfect for any celebration!

Fig Eccles Cakes
Cauldron Cakes with Fig Filling
Cauldron Cakes are tender little treats (also known as Eccles Cakes) stuffed with spiced dried figs and wrapped in puff pastry. Perfect for the Wizard in training to snack on or for your next tea party!
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pumpkin hand pies on plate
Harry Potter Pumpkin Pasties
Harry Potter inspired pumpkin pasties are an awesome treat to enjoy whether or not you are on the Hogwarts Express! Tender flakey pockets with sweetly spiced pumpkin filling.
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two cake balls on sticks with golden frosting and wings made to look like a snitch from Harry Potter books
Golden Snitch Cake Pop Tutorial
Calling all Harry Potter Fans! Learn how to make awesome pops with this Golden Snitch Cake Pop Tutorial! Hogwarts isn’t complete without it!
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Rock Cakes or Sugar Buns
Rock cakes are basically individual portion size fruitcakes which got its fame from the Hagrid character of Harry Potter!
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Chocolate Frogs
Chocolate Frogs are a popular frog-shaped chocolate treat in the wizarding world.
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A treacle tart being served onto a white plate with Harry Potter books in the background
Treacle Tart
This easy and delightful dessert is a favorite of Harry Potters – and sure to become one of yours, too!
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cupcakes that have colored candies inside and sorting hat chocolates on top of frosting, in front of harry potter books
Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cupcakes
These fun and easy Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cupcakes are the perfect treats for any Harry Potter party! Simply let your guests bite into their cupcakes to find out their house!
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Complete your Harry Potter Party with these fun activities:

Food tastes better when its shared! If you try this recipe, let me know! Leave a comment and rate below!

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