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A Kids Guide to African Food

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The world is full of amazing food! Explore African cuisine with your family with these tips for picky eaters, easy weeknight recipes, and everything you need to know to enjoy new foods at home and around the world!

Why should kids eat African food?

Learning to enjoy recipes from Africa in everyday meals is beneficial for several reasons. 

Enjoying a  diverse variety of foods fosters a rich tapestry of global flavors, expanding one’s palate and contributing to a more inclusive and interconnected world. 

African cuisine has  vibrant spices and unique ingredients and offers a wealth of delicious experiences that are great additions to our every day meals.

Adding African recipes into meal plans helps to  promote cultural understanding and appreciation, breaks down stereotypes and fosters a sense of unity.

If your kids are new to learning about the world of food, I suggest checking out my guides on raising adventurous eaters, helping kids try new foods, and tips to help kids love international foods.

Tips to Make African Food Kid Friendly:

  • Reduce the spice – Some African recipes can really pack in the heat! Always start by reducing the spice level by half initially so you don’t blow out sensitive taste buds, then as your family becomes more accustomed to spice, you can gradually increase how much you use. Another great option is to make your own spice blend so you can control the heat level – like in our homemade berbere spice blend.
  • Serve refreshing options – Serve refreshing drinks on the side to help cool mouths down.

I always love including non-food explorations and play into our lives as easy and low-stress ways to encourage new food explorations. 

One of my favorite ways to do this is to add in books and movies that showcase food. Check out my guide on kids picture books about food

For younger kids, check out our dramatic play restaurants!

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Recipes to try:

Try these recipes at home! These easy, weeknight friendly recipes are some of the most popular reader favorites here! And be sure to check out our Foodie Family Passport Kit that focus on Nigerian food experience for the whole family.

North African Recipes:

East African Recipes:

South African Recipes:

West African Recipes:

Note: Still working on adding recipes from all regions! Check back!

Have something you want to see? email me at [email protected] and I will work on adding it!

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