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Don’t leave Asian food for take-out and Sunday buffets only! Bringing this cultural food into your home is not only easy, but also packed with fresh flavorful recipes, healthy ingredients, and is so easy for parents to make at home! This handy Beginner’s Guide to Kid Friendly Asian Food is the perfect way to expand your child’s palate.

When starting to introduce International cuisine to your family meals, Asian food is a great place to start! Not only to most people have some exposure to Asian cuisine already, but its easy to find fast, fresh, flavorful meals the whole family will enjoy!

Tips to Make Asian Food Kid Friendly:

  • Include Known Favorites. Asian cuisine is so handy because you can add in pretty much any vegetable you have on hand! I always try to add in a few that are different colors or sizes to add some visual variety. Make sure that at least one is something that your kid already loves, and try one that they might not be so familiar with.
  • RICE! Rice is a great fall back because kids love it! Its easy to make, its helps dilute new flavors and sauces, and its a basic staple for Asian cuisine. There are a bajillion varieties, but you can stick what you like on hand, whether its jasmine or brown, but either way – a bowl of plain rice is where its at.
  • Noodles are included in a good majority of majority of Asian dishes, and can easily be swapped out for rice. Don’t get too hung up on the kind of noodle – they are easy to swap out!

Other Resource You Might Need:

Tools and Gadgets for Eating Asian Food at Home:

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You actually don’t need any fancy equipment to enjoy Asian food at home! The following are fun to have, though!

  • Kid friendly chopsticks make eating Asian food not only seem authentic, but WAY FUN!
  • A Rice Cooker helps make rice SO fast and easy – plus it can keep it warm for hours! Its not essential to have, but its super nice to have if you have the cabinet space for it!


Kid Friendly Asian Recipes:

Here you will find great kid friendly recipes for your family, including several asian side dishes like Chinese Broccoli with Garlic Sauce. Start with my family’s favorite recipe for Slow Cooker Pork Ramen.

The Beginner’s Guide to Asian Noodles will tell you everything you need to know about which kinds of noodles to buy and how to use them.

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