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How to Make Dinner Easy

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Dinner should be an easy and fun time for the family to enjoy great food together. Make weeknight dinners easier and more delicious with these 5 simple tips.

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Dinner time should be an easy and joyful time for families to connect and enjoy a great meal.

But often dinner tends to be a rushed and exhausting experience that everyone just wants to be over as quickly as possible.

The kids and parents are both tired from long days, the schedule is cramped thanks to homework and after school activities, and everyone is hungry!

How to Make Dinner Easier

Make life easier with these easy tips to make weeknight dinner quicker and easier.

Meal Prepping!

Once again, you find yourself at the grocery store with small children on a Saturday morning, when the entire freaking universe also happens to be there. You spend the entire time either ignoring the fact that your children are crazy monsters or giving them cookies and samples just so they will shut up and stay with you.

And I don’t even want to mention how many times you wonder how acceptable it would be to open the wine before you leave the store (I mean, its ok with cookies, why not the wine?!).

I am fully aware that the last thing you want to do the second you come home from the grocery store is prep food. I sooo get it.

But a few minutes of washing and chopping ahead of time can lessen your work load later tremendously. A few things I suggest doing:

  • Prep kid’s snacks ahead of time, both for during and after school. Not only will this help those angels of yours gain some independence by allowing them to choose what snacks they have each day, but it also frees up some of your time every day. I suggest using containers like the YumBox Mini Snack Boxes, or the Sistema Snack Containers. They are great for turning snacks into grab-and-go items!
  • Prep ALL your fruits and veggies for the week. Instead of chopping an onion every single night, chop a bunch at one time and then each night you can just grab what you need. This makes prepping school lunches and dinners so fast your family will think they are at Jimmy John’s. Store your prepped fruit and veggie in glass containers.
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Looking for more ways to simply dinner? Try these ideas:

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Liz @ I Heart Vegetables

Wednesday 6th of September 2017

I've been trying to get better at meal planning because I find that I waste less groceries that way! These are good tips!


Wednesday 6th of September 2017

Meal planning tips are so much sought after these days. Thanks for sharing.

Allison - Celebrating Sweets

Wednesday 6th of September 2017

Meal planning is the key to keeping myself sane. It helps SO much!


Wednesday 6th of September 2017

Luckily I'm not feeling the weeknight chaos just yet, since I'm currently childless. But that should change in a few years, so I should probably bookmark this for later, haha ;)

Patty @ Spoonabilities

Wednesday 6th of September 2017

These plans are awesome! Thank you for sharing -- I know my weeknights get crazy!

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