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Simple Recipes to Cook with Kids

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These easy recipes for kids to make are a great way to get kids in the kitchen cooking and baking with you!

Cooking with kids is so fun and a great way to spend special time with kids. Its also a really great way to teach them life skills, confidences, and valuable life lessons.

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Cooking and baking with kids is such a fun and rewarding experience! Not only does it supply amazing 1:1 time with children, but it also helps them be more curious and interested in trying the food they help you make.

Below you will find very simple recipes that are perfect for small sous chefs to help you with! These are grouped by ages, and each recipe gives specific tasks that kids of different ages can do.

Review my guide on how to cook and bake with kids to find age appropriate skills, and head over to my guide on knife skills for kids, too!!

Simple Recipes to Cook with Kids

These easy recipes are perfect to cook and bake with children! With few ingredients and age appropriate steps, these are great recipes to teach kids to cook with you!

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