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The Best Kids Vegetables Recipes

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Yes, kids CAN eat their veggies! These easy side dish recipes are great vegetables that kids will actually love to eat.

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Raising a kid who loves food and doesn’t balk at eating their vegetables can be tricky.

We know kids need to eat their veggies – they offer tons of vitamins and minerals our kids need as they are growing and learning.

But getting them their plates to their mouths can be frustrating.

I remember when my middle girl was 3 and she sobbed and sobbed because we gave her carrots with dinner. Like – SOBBED. Now her favorites are brussels sprouts and asparagus!

How to get kids to eat vegetables

The trick to getting kids to eat (and love) their vegetables is easy. There is no trick! Sorry, but there isn’t a magic wand to wave and instantly fix this.

Instead, it’s all about continued exposure to a wide variety of vegetables without any pressure attached.

Try out these easy and fun ideas to help your kids learn to love veggies:

  1. Read books about vegetables and other foods.
  2. Explore where flavor and taste come from.
  3. Help your kids learn how to try new foods.
  4. Grow a snacking garden.
  5. Continue serving a wide variety of vegetables at meals.

Interested in helping your kid love vegetables more? Try the Veggie Adventures Activity Packs!

The best way to help your kids eat more vegetables is to just keep serving them vegetables!

Did you know there are over 1,000 different vegetable species? Chances are, you can find a few of those your kids will not only eat but will LOVE!

And don’t forget, try offering vegetables cooked in different ways – serve them raw, roasted, grilled, steamed, blanched, or inside another recipe. There are so many different ways to try vegetables!

Add some of these easy kid friendly vegetable recipes to your meal plan today!

Kid Friendly Vegetable Recipes

Try these easy vegetables for kids at your next meal!

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