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Sourdough for the Holidays

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Use your sourdough starter this holiday season in these delicious recipes!

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Making sourdough recipes for the holiday table is a no-brainer! I mean, sourdough just adds so much flavor and texture to a meal. There is always room for sourdough, right?

Move beyond a typical loaf of bread and add these delicious sourdough recipes to your holidays.

These recipes are great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, and any holiday you celebrate!

Need more sourdough recipe inspiration? Try these:

Or check out my collection of over 60 easy sourdough recipes.

Wondering how you can use your favorite sourdough starter this holiday? Below are my favorite ways to use sourdough for special meals!

Holiday Sourdough Recipes

Use your sourdough starter in these delicious recipes this holiday season.

Do I need a sourdough starter for these recipes?

Yes, you do. These recipes were developed for sourdough starters. If you don’t have one yet, you can learn how to make a sourdough starter.

What kind of sourdough starter do I need for these recipes?

Most of these recipes call for a 100% hydration starter, which means it has been fed equal amounts of flour and water by weight. If you need help figuring out what hydration your starter is, or how to take care of your starter easily, read my guide on feeding a sourdough starter.

New to sourdough? Read my Ultimate Guide to Sourdough for Beginners to answer all the questions you have!

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