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Sourdough for the Holidays

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Use your sourdough starter this holiday season in these delicious recipes!

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Making sourdough recipes for the holiday table is a no-brainer! I mean, sourdough just adds so much flavor and texture to a meal. There is always room for sourdough, right?

Move beyond a typical loaf of bread and add these delicious sourdough recipes to your holidays.

These recipes are great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, and any holiday you celebrate!

Need more sourdough recipe inspiration? Try these:

Or check out my collection of over 60 easy sourdough recipes.

Wondering how you can use your favorite sourdough starter this holiday? Below are my favorite ways to use sourdough for special meals!

close up view of sourdough pie crust with crimped edges. Pie plate on tiled background with rolling pin in background.
Sourdough Pie Crust
All your pies will be just that much better with this homemade sourdough pie crust.
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sourdough popover split open on small plate, with filled platter behind
Easy Cheesy Sourdough Popovers
You NEED these popovers on your holiday table. Easy and delicious and a great use of starter.
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sourdough panettone with bow
Sourdough Panettone
Panettone is a traditional holiday staple. This sourdough version is delightful and worth the work.
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loaf of sourdough babka with slice on plate in front
Chocolate Cinnamon Sourdough Babka
This chocolate and cinnamon sourodugh babka is amazing! A perfect bread to serve any time of day.
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overhead view of white baking dish with sourdough cinnamon rolls, serving utensil on the side and white plate and two forks beside
Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls
Start your holiday morning off right with these amazing overnight sourodugh cinnamon rolls.
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close up overhead view of white plate with christmas sourdough sugar cookies on top
Perfect Sourdough Sugar Cookies
Look no further, these are the BEST sugar cookies!
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overhead of two slices of pound cake next to loaf
Sourdough Pound Cake
A delightful and easy dessert that tastes amaˆzing. Everyone will be surprised when you tell this this cake is sourdough!
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maple syrup being poured on stack of french toast
Sourdough French Toast
French toast is a great option for breakfast on holiday mornings. This sourdough french toast is beyond delicious.
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gingerbread men lined up in a 3 rows of 3
Sourdough Gingerbread Cookies
Your holiday cookie tray needs these cute gingerbread cookies made with sourdough starter!
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sourdough molasses cookies in dish with blue striped cloth
Sourdough Molasses Cookies
Soft and cakey with all the molasses and spice, plus a hint of sourodugh. These cookies are amazing!
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slices of sourdough stollen on white platter
Sourdough Stollen Recipe
Make a traditional stollen for the holidays but add your sourdough for a fun twist on a classic.
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Do I need a sourdough starter for these recipes?

Yes, you do. These recipes were developed for sourdough starters. If you don’t have one yet, you can learn how to make a sourdough starter.

What kind of sourdough starter do I need for these recipes?

Most of these recipes call for a 100% hydration starter, which means it has been fed equal amounts of flour and water by weight. If you need help figuring out what hydration your starter is, or how to take care of your starter easily, read my guide on feeding a sourdough starter.

New to sourdough? Read my Ultimate Guide to Sourdough for Beginners to answer all the questions you have!

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