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Weeknight Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

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These easy skillet recipes are here to help you win dinner! Easy meals your family will love, and all cooked in your favorite cast iron skillet!

Why You Need A Cast Iron Skillet

What is best cooked in a cast iron skillet?

Basically, almost everything. You can make everything from Fried Chicken to Dutch Baby Pancakes, to Pizza, to Swedish Meatballs! Cast iron skillets are an essential tool you need in your kitchen!

 What I love about cast iron skillet recipes is how simple they usually are – you don’t need a whole bunch of different dishes going on – you have everything you need for a meal in one place. PLUS it means making less dishes!

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Cast Iron Skillets

  1. Cast Iron is SO sturdy!  They can take some serious abuse. They won’t break, they won’t scratch, and even if you break every cardinal rule in how to take care of them, you can almost always bring them back to their beautiful, shiny, glory!
  2. Cast Iron has even heat distribution! When you are cooking on the stovetop, having the heat evenly distributed across your pan is super important. No one likes a pork chop that’s burnt on the right and raw on the left.
  3. Cast Iron can take the heat! Not only can you use them on the stovetop, but they are also fantastic in the oven, on the grill, or in a campfire. Try that with your Teflon. Or…don’t…
  4. Cast Iron are non-stick! When seasoned properly, you can cook pretty much anything on these, and it won’t stick!
  5. Cast Iron are super versatile! You can cook pretty much anything in cast iron – you can beautifully sear a steak, fry some chicken, or bake cinnamon rolls. There isn’t much it can’t do.


If Cast Iron seems super intimidating to you, I highly recommend you check out my post “Cast Iron 101 – How to Care for & Maintain Cast Iron ” – It will seriously tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about caring for your cast iron!

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Easy Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

Try these easy weeknight cast iron skillet recipes in your meal plan! With kid friendly flavors and easy prep times, these recipes are sure to please your whole family!

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