Weeknight recipes for foodies feeding their families

You deserve to enjoy great-tasting food, no matter your schedule, your time or the amount of kids you’re feeding.

Here, you’ll find all kinds of recipes to share with your family to cultivate kids who love eating food from around the world.

Looking for recipe inspiration? These recipes are great for families who want to try something new!

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Meet Jenni

Hi! I’m Jenni, and I’m a mama of three young girls.

I am passionate about raising kids who are adventurous eaters through quick and healthy weeknight meals inspired by global cuisine!

The Gingered Whisk is packed with recipes to feed your soul and nourish your body, along with all the tips and tricks you family needs to actually enjoy your dinner.

Serve your family exciting meals that everyone will actually love AND eat!

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Make Meal Planning Simple

Simplify creating your weekly meal plan while still eating the food that you love, on your schedule

Easy Family Dinner Recipes

What’s for dinner? These weeknight dinners are perfect for your evening meal! Delicious, easy, and kid friendly!

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Sourdough Recipes

What can your sourdough starter do? So much! These easy and delicious recipes are great for your sourdough starter and sourdough discard!

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Seasonal Recipes

These easy and flavorful recipes are perfect for fall meals with your friends and family!

Resources for Foodie Families

All my best tips and tricks for helping kids overcome picking eating, learn cooking skills, and more!

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Side Dish Recipes

Side dishes shouldn’t be boring, but they should definitely be easy! These kid friendly side dish recipes are super simple but taste amazing!

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