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Around the Globe in 80 Meals – Kid Friendly Recipes from Around the World

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Are you ready to discover new family favorite meals inspired by cultural recipes and ingredients from around the world?


Get ready to travel on a culinary adventure through the globe with these easy, healthy, and totally kid friendly recipes from around the world that are designed to help you navigate through new cuisines, ingredients and flavors.



These recipes are not intended to be 100% authentic recreations. They are intended to be easy, healthy, and kid friendly meals from around the world that can be enjoyed by the whole family. They are meant to serve as a way to open the door to more adventurous eating, to place an emphasis on varied diets and to empower parents and children alike with the courage and inspiration to become a foodie family.


*Note: Basically, there are hundreds of different regional cuisines, and it would be a ridiculous task to break them down into ALL their individual categories – because there are a lot.


For the purposes of this blog, which is to help your family experience and explore the world of food in an easy and stress-free way, I’m going to keep it super, super basic.


Not sure how to start raising kids who love to eat food?

Read these posts on Raising Adventurous Eaters and How to Spice Food For Kids.


Kid Friendly Recipes From Around The World

*Note – some cuisines are not yet represented. Be patient, they are on their way! 






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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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